Saturday, June 23, 2018

Hodge Podge of Our Lives Lately

Spring was cool and a bit rainy this year
I don't mind because I am not a Hot Weather Girl

We took an overnight trip to Lancaster PA.
It was for my Mom's birthday.
The weatherman said it was going to be pouring rain all 
weekend so my Mom chose not to go but we forged on.
And it turned out so nice ! 

We had a lovely time
Ate and shopped until we dropped.
Weather turned out fine.
Had down pour when we were
done with dinner in our hotel.

My Aunt and I went to a Garden Party at my friends church.
We had a lovely time.

They had a photo booth such fun !

Awesome appetizers

They had finger sandwiches galore !

And beautiful desserts

They gave us this lovely devotional.

My friend Marianne and her beautiful daughter

My friend and coworker Kathy with her granddaughter Riley

My friend Lynette

My friend Wendy wearing the hat

My friend Lillian and her coworkers she invited

These ladies did a wonderful job.  
The attention to every detail made it just so special

I have been blessed to read several good books this spring.

Highly recommend them all !

My hubby is off work the the summer
He did some hiking with his friend Steve
and his son Chris

My Aunt gave me my annual Peonies from her
Garden . . .  I think they look lovely on my desk!

Been watching a lot of Hallmark can't wait for 
Christmas in July

Saw this cute photo . . .

Do you all watch the Good Witch
I love this series
Such fun !

We met for Fathers Day at North Street Tavern 
in White Plains NY

They have great food and a beautiful deck 
on the golf course.

My guy may not have birth children but he is a wonderful
example of a Dad !

Happy Fathers Day to my husband.  

You continue to be a great example of a Dad with all 
the children you help teach in Sunday School 
for 25 years plus and still going strong, 
the children you aid at work and your fur babies xoxo

We went to a great Greek Restaurant by the new Tappan Zee
Bridge - its not complete yet but it was my first trip over

Hubby and I had a wonderful time at the Ivan Parker concert.
He was wonderful and his son plays a mean guitar.
It was so funny - he had those seniors on their feet rockin'
Some of them lit their cell phones like a rock concert HAH
Gar bought his sons cd.  

In fact we had such a wonderful time hubby wants to 
get tickets for Kathy Tricoli Valentines Concert  Woo Hoo !

I love Kathy took her Christian cruise when I was single.
She is a local NY girl ! ! 
She is a single never married and was such an encouragement
when I was single.

Our boys have been good.  
Dad bought them both new beds.

Well this cold weather girl is going to do her best to enjoy
all that Summer has to offer

Friday, May 25, 2018

Life Lately

This is going to be a very random post

Just catching up on what I've been doing

I have wanted to see the play Waitress
for so long.  It was always too expensive or 
not the right time.

Well when I heard Katherine McPhee was
going to be starring in it -
I had to get tickets 🎫

So hubby and I went and we really enjoyed it.
Her singing was incredible. 🎵  Hubby had
some good laughs at one of the characters.

We had dinner at Five Napkin Burgers after the show.

It's so good !
I am dieting and I got my burger minus
bun and a delicious salad.

We had our ladies day down at America's Keswick
Our local beautiful retreat center

I had my tickets for a year HAH
I love 💖 love 💖 love 💖 LIZZY

She did not disappoint.  She was wonderful
Sold out house. 

Here is a photo of us girls from the day

Kathy, Lillian, Me, Aunt Rose, Kathy's friend and Chris.

I celebrated Mom's day with two special gifts from my cats.
(courtesy of a very thoughtful husband 👍)

My Dallas Cowboys eye glass case and a beautiful bracelet.

Speaking of Mothers - hubby and I went to visit my Mom &
go to the Ocean Grove annual craft show.  

Here I am with Mom - 👵
           she looks amazing for 80 !

On the way home hubby and I drove🚗
the scenic route down the ocean.
We stopped to pick up dinner.
Empanadas  so good !

Hubby and I enjoyed Red Nose Day 🎈

It was my dear friend Judy's birthday and another
dear friend who moved to MD reached out and
we planned to surprise Judy with lunch.
She was so delighted and shocked to see Shelley.

Aunt Rose  Shelley  Judy  and Me  🙌

I got busy doing a little craft I loved from Hallmark Channel

How cute it this?

You use dry erase markers and you can
map out your weekly schedule   📅

I had a little extra money and picked up
some Pioneer Women dishes at Walmart

I ❤ them.

Someone turned 3 in May  Happy Birthday  🍰

Our sweet, gentle, quiet, deep thinking precious Percy

We had a stink bug in the light - honestly God Bless them
stared up at it for 1 hour  HAH    😲

And this boy turned 3 while we were on vacation in March.
He is my lovable, loud, chatterbox, lazy, high jumping boy
He's my Judah !
See what I mean quite the high jumper 🙀

I have been having fun with Snap Chat
Amazing what a filter can for a girl HAH

We have a lot to look forward to:  making all our plans
for the summer starting with a concert

In two weeks we have tickets to see Ivan at Keswick.
Can't wait  🎵

Well I think that wraps up life lately ...

Blessings 🌸