Sunday, August 6, 2017

July 2017 Update

What have we been up too?

We went to our dear friends in PA
for Sara's 80th birthday bash

Here is Sara and our dear friend Keith

Cindy and Meredith

Lydie up from Florida

Cliff Sr and Cliff Jr

Sara and all her "children" 5 she birthed and 3 she "adopted"

The grandchildren

Sweet sisters

Sara's 5 children

Jeff and Melissa

Sara and Howie

Mr. Hastings ~ Sara;s boy

Sara and I over the years . . .   43 year friendship

We had a wonderful blessed time.

I met these crazy ladies for dinner at the
Marina in Oceanport NJ 

We saw the sweetest little swan family.

We had a great time at my hubbies cousins BBQ.
The Armenian food was wonderful.

What's up with the BOYS?

Percy still likes his hot tub

Judah is still mischievous

And also darling - fell asleep in Mom's newly cleaned clothes

What I'm looking forward to?

What is coming up fast ?

Made some collages

It's been a great summer so far !

Blessed !

Saturday, July 1, 2017

June 2017 update

We haven't been doing as much as we use to.
With trying to purchase a condo in NJ.
Every waking hour is spent searching on line.
Then we have to keep weekends open for visiting.
So far the Lord has seemed to shut every door.
We are beginning to feel He doesn't want us
purchasing a place in NJ.  Our hearts are
not really into retiring in NJ.  But I am only 57
so retiring seems like a few years away.
But the Lord has been asking me to wait on
His leading and trust Him.

We are going to take a trip end of August
down to Peachtree City GA an area we
really like.  My company has two huge
locations in that town.  Asking the Lord
to open a door for me to either work my
job from that location or open up a job
for me there.  So stepping out in faith . . .

I have been doing a summer on line
study - Beth Moore Entrusted.
WOW it is so good.

Plus I have company when I do my studying. 
My sweet boy Judah loves his Mom.

My Aunt Rose grew me my favorite pink peonies again.

Aren't they awesome.

Mr. Judah thought so too : )

Hubby and I tried a local place.
We are so glad we did- it was wonderful.
Inkanto Latin American Infusion
(Peruvian food)
A beautiful salad with avocado

A huge Empanada

Arroz Chaufa  - with chicken

I've been doing a little crafting.
Since I had begun to pack all my
summer decorations are packed.
So I threw this together -
flip flops were $1.00 each

One of my friends on facebook said "kitty approved" hah

Hubby and I tried a new breakfast place.
Comfi !   WOW WOW WOW

Take a look at this mess ! hah  so good !

This was mine - croissant with ham, onions, poached eggs,
hollandaise, cheese.  

This was hubbies - kielbasi with eggs and bacon

I went out to dinner with my Aunt and when I got home
I saw this - sweet sweet boys patiently waiting for Mom's return

They had this fun game on Facebook.
Here are all the states I've visited.

On my bucket list:
Montana ! ! !

How awesome is this:

Whether or not we feel able, we have it in us to put on
our warrior boots and go.
You are able, but not because you mustered

up a brave moment.
You are able to walk Jesus strong because of who

He is and what He has already done.
Lisa Whittle / Ann Voskamp

I treated Aunt Rose to My Kitchen Witch
They have a Friday night dinner that is amazing.

How cute is this place?

We started out with Watermelon Gazpacho.
Never had anything like this before.
It was fabulous.

Then we both had the ribs

Sunday, June 4, 2017

70th Birthday Aunt Rose

My Aunt Rose is turning 70 the end of the month
so her children put together a little dinner for her.

She was surprised.

Here she is with her husband Mike.

The cake reads: Having a Ball since 1047

Her daughter Tanya (my cousin) and her friend Scott. 

Her other daughter Jennifer, (my cousin) and her husband
Brian and grandson Conor. 

Her granddaughter Cara Ann and her sister Lori
(my mother)

Me and my husband Gary


Her God Daughter Toni and her boyfriend Matt

Her friend Cindy and her husband Mike

Cindy's grandchildren  AJ and Alexandra and Cara Ann

And the whole group ~ including Jorge and Jeannie in the back row

Happy Birthday Aunt Rose many more . . .