Monday, May 30, 2011

All gave some and some gave all

And some stood through for the red, white and blue

And some had to fall

And if you ever think of me

Think of all your liberties and recall

...Some gave all

Happy Memorial Day - 2011   

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.  John 15:13

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Holy Land Experience - Orlando FL

We visited the Holy Land Experience in Orlando FL.  It was really neat. We both really enjoyed it.

 This is a replica of the Temple Plaza.  It is so bright with Gold in person. Picture doesn't do it justice.

This is a statue of Jesus and a replica of the boat he would have ridden in to cross the sea.

This was a beautiful angel statue. I loved the wings.

They had awesome wax figures of bible scenes.  This is Jesus at the last supper.

Jesus in the Garden being tempted by Satan not to do His Father's will. Aren't we glad he defeated Satan!
If you look to the left of the photo you can see one of the disciples sleeping.

 Here are all three of the disciples sleeping.

This is Jesus being taken up into the clouds . . .

Here I am with one of the actors who portrayed Jesus in the skits and shows of the day.

Here is the garden tomb. You can go inside and see it is empty!

They have adorable things for children also. This is Noah's ark.

This is Jonah in the belly of the whale.   This was so cute.

Jesus walking on the water . . .

Here is a real Roman soldier !  Isn't he scary?  Oh wait it is my husband ! 
Don't think Roman soldier's wore baseball caps HAH

Here he is again . . . child at heart or child like faith . . . Go Gary  . . .

This is a Judean market place.  This area was really beautiful.

We got to see several shows The Women at the Well and a skit about barn yard animals and the little lamb who was going to be sacrificed.  Then Jesus arrived on the scene and was crucified and took the place of the lamb. We also took communion at a replica of the last supper with Jesus.  That was awesome!

If you ever get down to Orlando it is worth a visit ; )

Vacations All About the Food ; )

Hubby and I just returned from a week's vacation to St Simon's Island Georgia our favorite place. While we were down there we decided to take advantage and visit The Holy Land Experience in Orlando FL.
I will blog about that later but for now this is all about the food ! hah

We went to breakfast at Cat Cora's restaurant in Orlando FL on the Disney Boardwalk.
It was so delicious. I loved how it was decorated - it was first class. It is called Kouzzina it is a Mediterranean restaurant - don't let the Pizza sign below fool you.

 Here's hubby and I at breakfast. Right behind us is the huge kitchen. Gary dreams of a kitchen like that one day.  Me  - - not so much ! hah

Blueberry-Lemon Pancakes with Granola & warm Maple Syrup and Chicken Sausage.
This is what I had. They were delcious. You could taste so much lemon in the pancakes - so good.
It was one huge pancake on the plate.

 Then we just had to grab dinner one of the nights at our Joe's Crab Shack. We sort of have a thing going . . .
we are trying to visit them all -  hah  So far we've been to Joe's in New Jersey, Colorado, Delaware, San Antonio TX and now add Orlando FL . . . It is such a fun place with good food. The waiters in this location were crazy . . .dancing on the tables doin' Car Wash  oh oh oh Car Wash Yeah . . .

 Here's my hubby in his glory.  Give him seafood and he is a happy, happy man !

This is what he always orders - Low Country Boil . . . this photo is 1/3 eaten - should have gotten it when it was full to the top  . . . potato's, sausage, corn, onions, king crab legs, shrimp, muscles, clams . . .

We also visited a place recommended by Guy Fieri on Triple D . . . Blackwater Grill in St Simons Island Georgia.
It was fantastic.  I had the Tybee Shrimp.  A generous portion of large shrimp, grilled, served with a creole remoulade and tartar sauce, with a choice of two side dishes.  And hubby had - you guessed it Low Country Boil . . .

Our final dinner was at The Crab House in Orlando FL. Another great place.

They had a seafood bar that was endless . . .

We also enjoyed a place called Barbara Jean's in St Simons Island. It is real home cooking. I had meatloaf that was to die for and their sides were so unusal.  Don't get those in NJ. Ambrosia Salad, Squash Casserole, Cooked Cabbage, Stewed Tomatos, Red Beans & Rice. 

I'll be adding another post soon on The Holy Land Experience.  

We did do more on vacation then EAT ! hah

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's everywhere.   

 I have been blessed to be a doggie Mom to this little guy. I don't know why it was the Lords plan for me to not have children but getting married at 45 made it almost impossible. I am okay with the Lords plan. I don't need to know why. I  just count my blessings.  He blessed me with a doggie to love and "mother" and care for all these 14 years.  Solomon is my boy.  He loves me unconditionally and is so faithful.  When he sees me it is like his day has just begun. It doesn't matter if I just left him when I come in he is just as joyful as if I have been gone for hours.  He is loyal to a fault.  I love you little Solomon David thanks for teaching me to be caring, unselfish, self-sacrificing, loyal, faithful and trusting.  I have much to learn but you've been a great teacher along the way . . .

 One spoiled boy - but you deserve it  . . .  Love Mom
Solomon, Sollie, Solamander, Buggie, Big Head, Sol, little Man, Lambie, westie boy, little Guy . . .

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cape Cod Vacation

My husband and I love to travel. It was hard to select a favorite place. Since we've been together we've traveled to Alaska, Kansas, Colorado, Vermont, Branson, MO, Georgia, Maryland, Delaware, South Carolina, North Carolina, Upstate NY, Seattle WA, San Antonio TX, Washington DC & Maine . . . and we've only been married 4 years LOL     Yes we love to travel . . .

Last summer we visited Cape Cod and it was a blast.

 We took the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard.  Love the little shops and the neat towns.
 We visited the JFK Museum.  Amazing photos and even a tribute to JFK Jr.  A very touching statue of a older JFK with JFK Jr. walking along together.  Had he not be assassinated.  What might have been . . .
 Wonderful breakfast restaurant.  They sure had great pancakes at the Pancake Man LOL
 They had the neatest little cars.  Reminded me of my old VW Beetle.
Cape Cod is a great place to visit.  Summer or fall.  Especially if you like boating and summer sports.
In the fall the trees are just spectacular.