Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

I had a lovely Memorial day.
Started off with a wonderful breakfast
at a local place we both love.

Turning Point ~ they have the freshest
delicious food.

We seem to always get the same table by
the window. It was nice today we got to see
some of the little local parade while we ate.


After breakfast hubby did some shopping and
I wanted to get some stuff done in our home.
I clean both our cars (I'm a fanatic about a
clean car)  hah

I am also a nick knack nut and at times I can
get a bit carried away. So I tried to let go
of some of it and downside a bit.

I went through some of our million books
and will donate them to a co-workers church.
They have a pretty large library.

Hubby came home and I had some candles burning
both were called cotton and they have a nice
clean smell.  But after awhile I started to smell
something really good. I kept thinking man those
candles smell good.  Turns out hubby was baking!


I've resisted for the past two days to get
my McDonald Cafe Mocha because they are
pretty fattening but today was the day to
celebrate. So I ran to our locate McDs' . . .

Hubby had blueberry pomegranate

I loved the show SMASH.
Can't believe they cancelled it.
Every time I like a show it gets cancelled. ;o(
It was just getting good. They never
give these shows a chance to get momentum.
Drives me crazy.
But I watched the two hour finale.
It did not disappoint.


I also watched a video by Lysa Turkuerst.
I love her.  It was her Mother's Day talk
at her church.  It was so good.
She always is so good.


She spoke about replacing our BUTS
with Therefore . . .

I'm a child of God (but) THEREFORE  . . .
every word in God's book is "there for" me

Then hubby cooked a wonderful Memorial Day
dinner. It has become a tradition for us
to relax at home and make our own little BBQ.

Yum that Shickhouse hot dog is so good.
I can't have hot dogs very often due to the
salt and my BP. So when I get to have one ~
I really have one and enjoy every bite.

Since I already had quite a few calories today
I will pass on hubby's apple pie and enjoy
my Skinny Cow mint ice cream.


And last but certainly not least the
real reason for this holiday.

Thank you for our servicemen and women.

There is no greater love than to lay down one's life
for one's friends.
John 15:13


God Bless America
Home of the Free !


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Remembering Uncle George

Today we went to a
Hokihankisd Memorial Service
which is a 40 day memorial
after a loved one dies.
It is something they do in the
Armenian church where my
in-laws attend.

This is my husbands Uncle George
who passed away 40 days a go.
He was a great man.


His dear wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's
very, very young and he
lovingly took care of her in the home
for years and years until she required
more help then he could provide.
Faithful loving husband. I so admire
his devotion to her.
I remember the first event I went to
at my husbands family was a picnic and
Uncle George had just gotten out of the
hospital and was sitting in the shade.
His family as a "break into the fold"
had me bring Uncle George his meal.
I was so nervous. I had never met Uncle
George.  He was kind and charming.
He told me all his jokes and he was quite
the character.
We miss him.  :( 
But are glad he and his dear wife
are reunited and healed and whole.
After the service we went to lunch.

I love Greek Food!


Spinach pie appetizers ! YUM

Fantastic pita break



Feta and Olives


Chicken Gyro


They have the best french fries
they are seasoned so delicious.


Tahani sauce love it !


It was a special day !

Gar's cousin Donna is a wonderful
baker. She has a cake business.
She made the deserts.
Baklava (sorry not a fan)
But hubby loves them.

Brownies ~ oh yes a fan !


We'll miss you Uncle George
See you in Heaven one day !

Friday, May 17, 2013

New Crocs & Giving

Hubby and I went to the Jersey Premium Outlets today.
It is a fairly new outlet mall and it is so nice.
It's only about 20 minutes from our home.

I needed a new pair of crocs.

I still love them...
I enjoy the colors, the comfort of them.
Not sure if they are still "cool or popular"
but that is one of the joys of aging . . .
you just don't care !
You buy and wear what you like in style or not. hah

I love my jizbits ~  Winnie the pooh, Minnie mouse,
love her pink polka dotted bow, a lady bug and a pink
paw for my Solomon . . .


 As I was being rung up my hubby noticed a box
behind the cashier full of crocs.
He said, Oh you can donate your old crocs and they
will send them to people who have no shoes.
I was delighted to trade in my old pair for my new pair.
My old pair was used but still in usable shape.
I really wanted a pair of black crocs when I previously
had blue. 
It was so good to be able to donate !
Crocs Cares℠ Donates More Than 14,000 Pairs of Shoes In Peru
For dinner tonight we went to Carrabba's

I had the chicken Marsala and sauteed spinach.
Oh my gosh it was so good!
Best chicken Marsala I ever had.


I've been trying to change my eating for
better choices ~ I've lost 2 lbs so far.
Just started 4 days ago so I am thrilled.
I am using a website I saw on
Kathie Lee & Hoda .
Called  "Lose It"
It is FREE and helps you track calories.
I really like it so far.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Celebration's !


Her children arise and call her blessed.…”

Proverbs 31:28 (NIV)
Took my Mom and Aunt out for breakfast for
Mother's Day ~ My Kitchen Witch restaurant
It is a favorite of ours and it was destroyed by
hurricane Sandy and recently reopened.

It is decorated so adorable.

How cute is this table?
Love the feet hah


Here I am with Aunt Rose and my Mom.

All three of us had the same breakfast hah
Olive bread, artichoke spread, arugula and poached egg.
It is just delicious.


Then on Sunday after church we met up with
Gar's family for Mother's Day brunch at
 Bistro Twenty Five at Maple Moor Golf Club

 The view is just beautiful.
We sat out on the deck over looking the
golf course.  Pretty sunny day.


I always think about my doggie in
Heaven on Mother's day . . .
He was my "Fur-baby"
Oh how I miss you sweet Solomon boy !
When I think of the hours we sent sitting out on the
steps.  You just loved this time.  Wish I could
have even 1 more hour back with you.

Happy Blessed Mother's Day to all the women out there.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Southern Gospel Music Show

Yesterday hubby and I headed to Lancaster PA
to a Southern Gospel Music show.

We had a wonderful time. . . 
all the musician's were great !
The audience was so into it and everyone
was just singing and worshipping the Lord.
(There was a lady there 100 years old)
Go girl !

Here are the wonderful groups we saw.

Gold City

Ivan Parker

Brian Free & Assurance

Mike Lefevre Quartet

Then as the grand finale,Gold City did a reunion 
of it's old members
Ivan Parker ~ Mike Lefevre ~ Brian Free ~ Tim Riley
I bought an Ivan Parker CD and he autographed
 it for me.  He is so handsome & what a sharp
dresser  hah

Ivan and his son


This is the beautiful church that holds the concerts


On Saturday we shopped & ate & shopped & ate.
Lancaster is beautiful this time of  year.
Everything was in bloom . . .

The tulips were incredible.

Love that you can see for miles.

Farm after farm . . .

Can you see the cows?

Up close cows ~  just laying down enjoying the sun.

Shopped at Bird~n~Hand Farmer's Market


Oh gosh what they have in this market. YUM
Look at this fudge.

Here's my hubby trying to select some jam.
How can you decided with such a huge selection.


Crafts, Jewelry, Leather goods ~ it doesn't end
Beautiful produce

Cheeses and Meats

Ever tried this Old Fashioned Sweet Bologna?
WOW it was incredible
Just had a taste since I can't have salt
but wow so good.

On the way home we stopped at
 Kitchen Kettle Village ~
 love this place too


Mr Gingerbread man and me!
 More Jams & Jellies
This is another of my favorite shops



The Sassy Spoon is a cute store.

How neat is this.

Made out of a hymnal.

Adorable garden shop

How about Pappy's Kettle Korn

So many cute shops

But my absolute favorite stop is the
Old Candle Barn

It smells so good inside


Many of the displays are set up like a home
I want to "move" in and live in the shop hah


We also shopped at the Rockvale Outlets


Was more than thrilled to see they enlarged
and remodeled the QVC outlet store.
I went nuts !


How cute are these flip flops?
Cracker Barrel !
I picked up this beautiful picture for
my living room wall.


It's called "I DO"
Cherish this bond, it belongs to only the two of you. Start each day with gratitude and compassion for each other, and unconditional love will follow. Believe in each other; support each other's dreams. Remember to dream together too. Always give more than you think the other needs. Say "I love you" and "thank you" every day! Trust, respect, and appreciate each other. Be spontaneous, be fun, be romantic! Stand together, but let there be space in your togetherness. Know when to listen, to talk, to let your heart feel. Apologize. Forgive and forget - doing so will make you feel better! Work together. Play together. Pray together. Allow God to be the foundation of your marriage. You have been chosen for each other... it is His plan. With each passing year, you will grow closer together, drawing strength from each other... and two shall become one. You will be blessed with the greatest happiness in life, to love and to be loved. ~ Bonnie L. MohrSee More
Thankful for a wonderful time !