Sunday, April 24, 2016

Judah & Percy Update

Keeping tracking of what our
"BOYS" have been up to !

They still the window

Mr Percy has gotten a little mischievous sitting on
Dad's table.

Yes they still each other

Judah still me !

Percy the cold breeze (just like Mom)

Judah doesn't want Mom to go to work so he
hides in her coat.

Judah is still a snuggle bug !

Although lately he has taken a liking to Dad !

Percy enjoys laying on top of Dads stuff : )

And finally Judah is just comfortably. hah hah

Dad and I went to Carmine's in NYC  . . . So good !

Here we are waiting patiently YUM

Oh the bread basket !

Carmine's special salad

Penne with garlic & oil  ~   fantastic !

Armenian Church Day

Today we went to Gar's mom's
Armenian church to remember
Cousin Harry. It has been 40 days
since he left us.  We wore our smiley
face pins as he loved them.

They had the ground breaking for
the new Youth Hall that will be
named for Cousin Harry and his
wife Edna. 

Cousin Harry & Edna's grandsons
Harry and Thomas were selling
Lahmajun to raise money to repair
school rooms for children in
Armenia. Lahmajun is like
Armenian pizza.  It's delicious !

After church we had a wonderful
lunch of Armenian delights.



Spinach pie

Wheat Salad


Lavesh Wraps

Pita with Humus

Getting A Little "Wicked"

Yesterday these three very special
ladies treated us to a wonderful
day in NYC.  Myself, Aunt Rose and Lillian.
Dale, Dottie and Karen.

We were front row center for WICKED !

The costumes and music was wonderful!


Then we ate dinner at a great restaurant

il Vagabondo . . .

They have a famous Boce Ball court right in the restaurant.
160 years old.
The food was just delicious.

We started with a delicious salad and stuff mushrooms.

For dinner I had Chicken Marsala.  It was really good.
Desert oh my !    Boce Ball - vanilla and chocolate ice
cream wrapped in chocolate with nuts and a cherry center.
Truly a wonderful blessed day. 
We all laughed so hard our bellies hurt !

Vacation Day

Hubby's job was closed for
Passover so he asked me to
take a vacation day so we could
spend the day together.

So we headed out early to
upstate NY.  It was a
beautiful day so we headed
to walk the Hudson Walkway.

First you need some fuel for the
tank right?  hah

If I was going to do all this walking I
surely wasn't going to blow it with eating
poorly : ) 

Good Morning Breakfast

Two scrambled Egg Beaters, Grits,
Fresh Seasonal Fruit and sliced tomatoes.
360 calories with bacon

Here I am at Cracker Barrel.  The trees
were glorious.

Here are details of the Walkway . . .

More details of the walkway

Beautiful view!

Here is our "selfie" 

Here's my hubby walking to the end.

I made it about 1/2 way and rested. Goal is
to make it the whole way be end of summer.

On the way home we stopped in Cold Springs
to go to our favorite shake place.


I always get the Monkey Shine drink
Banana, Cocoa, Peanut Butter, Yogurt and Honey.
It's awesome !
On the ride home we always pass this sign . . .
Haven't seen a turtle yet . . .

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Miracles . . .

Saturday morning date with hubby

Great movie ~ bring the tissues

Then we went to a memorial service for
a childhood friend. John Catney. 
Gone too soon but so thankful he received
Jesus and have the assurance of seeing him
again one day. That is truly a miracle. 
John lost his way and was living
homeless and a salvation army worker reached
out to him and they provided shelter food and Jesus. 
John received his Lord and was saved.

John was a kind soul who fought a tough
demon his whole life. His brother who is a
worship pastor did a great job at honoring
his life.  The pastor said something that
really struck me. He spoke about though we
have hope we still grieve and miss
our loved ones.  He spoke about that
empty chair at holidays and meals.  He said,
but think about the reality.  There is an
empty chair in Heaven and your love ones
are waiting for you.

WOW ~  how glorious to think of that empty chair.