Sunday, April 24, 2016

Judah & Percy Update

Keeping tracking of what our
"BOYS" have been up to !

They still the window

Mr Percy has gotten a little mischievous sitting on
Dad's table.

Yes they still each other

Judah still me !

Percy the cold breeze (just like Mom)

Judah doesn't want Mom to go to work so he
hides in her coat.

Judah is still a snuggle bug !

Although lately he has taken a liking to Dad !

Percy enjoys laying on top of Dads stuff : )

And finally Judah is just comfortably. hah hah

Dad and I went to Carmine's in NYC  . . . So good !

Here we are waiting patiently YUM

Oh the bread basket !

Carmine's special salad

Penne with garlic & oil  ~   fantastic !

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