Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Vacation by Solomon Azarian (doggie)

Leaving NJ for my vacation to Georgia.
Man this car puts me to sleep.

Hey this arm rest works great as a pillow.

Mom wanted me to see the Chesapeake Bay Bridge
But I could not stay awake

See what I mean, barely keeping my eyes open.

Here's me and Mom at a park in New Bern NC
She really like the bear statues. I just wanted to sniff.

Ah the joys of hotel beds !Vacationing is not for sissies.

Here's me and Mom in St Simon's Island.
She tried to interest me in the Palm Tree.

Here's me and Gar (Dad)
We got along pretty good on vacation hah

Here I am my first time on the beach.
Mom thought for sure I'd like the water,
but don't tell her I really had no interest.

These people tried to walk me to death.
Thank God I found this nice cool green grass to relax a bit.

I know, I know, I've been told before I am just to big to be a lap dog.

Mom really wanted me to see South of the Border.
Here we are at Pedro's feet.
But as you can see I am very interested in a pole about 2 feet away !

I didn't like it when my Mom left the car for any reason.
You can see my eyes and ears watching out the window.
Don't I look like batman?

Here is a parrot in Hilton Head SC I'm wasn't sure I liked him.

Well, back to New Jersey.Mom said I was a really good little traveler.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Green Thumb ? maybe !

So excited. My hubby gave me a little rose bush full of red roses about a year ago. I was determined to keep it alive. I have not had any success keeping the indoor bushes alive.
I painstakingly loved and cared for this little bush. Two of the stems died off and I was so concerned that I was losing it. But the third one hung in there. And here it is spring a year later and I have 3 red roses coming ! So excited ! Isn't it beautiful . . .

Sunday, April 11, 2010


My Uncle Billy passed away last week. While it was a difficult sad time it was also a blessing to spend time with family that we have not seen in years and years.

Here is a photo of me and my Uncle when I was a teenager.

He was a volunteer firemen and they gave him such a wonderful service.

They rode his casket on the firetruck from the funeral home to the firehouse.

All the firemen were outside saluting him when we pulled up.

They had his firemens gear outside. This is a photo of his 3 children wearing

firehouse t-shirts in honor of their Dad. You can see his firemen gear in front of them.

This is the firemen when we pulled up.

They had his name on the sign his nickname was Indian.

This is his children from Florida and their Mom.

This is his 3 children, his oldest son looks just like him.

So thankful for the Lord who works all things out for our good.

We know where Uncle Billy is, and look forward to the day

when we see him again.