Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grooming, Breakfast, Shopping & Deals . . .

We had a great day yesterday. Started out taking my Sollie to get groomed. He looks so clean and cute. Won't last long hah - He is an outside boy and loves to roll in Lord knows what sometimes.

While he gets groomed we go eat breakfast at Amy's Omelet House. They have over 250+ omelette's on their menu. My hubby loves one called "Sweetie Pie". It is eggs, jelly and creme cheese. I tease him all the time about the name Sweetie Pie. This place is great. When you order a side of bacon, you get a side of bacon. There has to be 10 slices on the plate.

Then we picked up Solomon and drove him home. Then off to the mall for some shopping. JC Penney's had 75% off sales. I got the cutest pink purse that was $40.00 for $9.99. It is a Liz & Company. I love it. I also got a cute scarf, so pretty. It was $ 26.00 for $4.99.

Headed back home and after some afternoon naps for both of us. hah

we decided we were both to tired to get ourselves up and out for dinner so we decided on Applebee's take out. You order from home and they bring it to your car. So great ! They have the 2 for 20 deal. Are you familiar with this? You get to choose from a list of appetizers and select one to share, then you get two choose two entrees. All for $20.00. We had BBQ chicken wings to share and we both wanted the same entree. 3 Cheese Chicken with Penne Pasta. It was so much we both have another meal for tonight. So basically we got two meals for $20.00 So great ! We will have to try this again.

Here are a few photo's from our day . . .

My great new scarf . . this is my Marie Osmond doll hah

my new pink purse. Isn't it great for $9.99

A shot of Amy's

Of course my Solomon with his new look.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day of Rest

Very tired today. I worked late several nights last week and I think it caught up with me. LOL Hubby went off to church because he had to teach Sunday School. (Hubby is wonderful, he truly never misses church) I stayed home and rested. Played on computer, watched my Dallas Cowboys lose:( . . .heartbreaking.

Rainy day. Warmer though. My doggie loved having me home, that's for sure. He was a naughty boy and grabbed a tissue with some chewing gum. Fortunately, he didn't swallow it.

So hard to focus on anything when the folks in Haiti are so heavy on my heart and mind. I can't imagine what they are going through.

Lord, please send your holy spirit of peace, mercy and comfort to these folks. Help them. Save them. Help all the emergency workers, medical workers and supplies get to them. Be with them in a mighty way this day Lord.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Before & After



I've decided to have some fun with Kelly's Korner Diet & Exercise week.

These are my AFTER & BEFORE Photo's. (Sorry they loaded a bit backwards)

I've struggled with eating my entire life. I've tried every single diet over the years.

But for me, after all these years, what I have learned is it really boils down to the ABC basics.

Burn off more calories than you eat. Common sense healthy eating and exercise.

But knowing how to do it and consistently doing it is another story. :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Crazy dog

Looks like my dog Solomon rather use his mattress as a pillow tonight. He had it completely pulled out of his bed, resting just his head on it. What a hard time I had convincing him to let me fix it. hah Stubborn little terrier he is . . .

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Amazing Day in New Jersey

Day started out with laundromat, breakfast then shopping got these great Timberland boots on sale and they have PINK in them. Then we decided to take my doggie for a ride, since he has major cabin fever from not being outside due to the cold weather. Hubby suggested Sandy Hook. We are 2o minutes from the Jersey Shore. So it isn't far at all. Okay how silly do I feel? I lived in New Jersey my entire life and I've never gone to Sandy Hook which has Fort Hancock (1899) an old military base, originally built to protect NY Harbor.
Below are a few photos from our day.

These are the Twin Lights. 1862 primary seacoast light for NY Harbor.
With radar and more sophisticated navigational equipment the Twin Lights were extinguished in 1949 - after 121 years of service. You can go inside and climb the 60 some stairs to see a breathtaking view of the Ocean.

Sandy Hook lighthouse 1764 still in use

Old cannon use at Fort Hancock, NJ

The ice on the shore rocks was spectacular. The Atlantic ocean was so blue today.

Fighter jet at Fort Hancock.

Here's my Solomon.
Enjoying his ride.
He can ride forever.
Didn't want to get out of
the car when we got home.

A shot of the Atlantic, so blue and pretty today.

So the morale of this story is, you just never know what lies right under your nose . . . such history and beauty 20 minutes from my house and for 50 years I never explored there. Thanks Hubby - you had a great idea !

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

New Year's day hubby and I went to visit my Mom. She took this photo of us. Hubby normally closes his eyes from the flash. My Mom had to retake it a million times. hah

Very cold in NJ today. Windy and just nasty. We are ordering in Chinese food tonight !

Just want to snuggle in and relax. I am doing much better with my camara. I think the batteries must have been old. My new batteries are working fine. YEAH

Thanks again Whitney for the battery tip.