Monday, October 26, 2015

Birthday Celebration in the Catskills

My mother-in-law turned 90 on 10/25.
She didn't want a party or a fuss.
She invited several family members
to the Catskills in NY her treat.

Friday morning 10/23 heading to the Catskills !

We were meeting at 7 pm for dinner but Hubby and I
figured we'd make a day out of it and left early am.
We stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast in Fishkill.
We also stopped and did some shopping at Hobby Lobby.
Then it was time to head to the hotel.
Oh my goodness the foliage!

We arrived at the hotel

Took a little tour

Dinning Hall

One sitting area

Game room - pinball, ping pong, boccie ball

Beautiful indoor pool

Another sitting area

Our room looked like this

Night club where the shows are held

Friday night dinner was delicious.
You get to choose from 3 different meals.
I selected:  Roast Pork - served with lentel soup, salad,
roasted potatoes and veggies.  Dessert was cheese cake.

Woke up early for breakfast on Saturday.
Take a look at the sunrise over the mountain.
View out of my hotel room window.
These photos don't really do it justice either.
It was really cold and I was in my GLORY ! ! !

We all met for breakfast which was also about 3 choices.
Eggs, french toast, pancakes. 

They provided a schedule of activities.
Hubby and I decided to do crafts.
Who knew he liked to do crafts?

I painted the Dracula & pumpkin and hubby the ghost.

Here's hubby with his little cousin Taylor making a
popcorn scary hand. hah

Taylor is such a funny little boy.  He is 7 years old
going on 55 hah  I asked him one morning if he slept well,
"He said, Oh yes, I slept like a baby"  hah  He kills me.

After crafts they had show and tell with reptiles.
Snapping turtle below.  They also had lizards, snakes,
frogs.  The children loved it.

Before you know it time for lunch.  Again 3 choices.
I chose:  Ceasar Salad

It was my birthday, its the day before my mother-in-law.
But this was her special weekend.
They didn't forget me.   Whole restaurant sang me
happy birthday with a cake

Here is our group during lunch

Me, Cousin Edna, Sister in Law Linda, Cousin Harry,
Cousin Steven, Cousin Taylor, Cousin Bonny, Mary
mother in law, Aunt Rose and Gar.
After lunch we took a ride with Cousin Harry, Edna and
Gar's Mom, Mary.  When Gar was little they use to
come up to the Catskills as a family all the time.
They have many memories up here.

We were looking for an A frame house they use to rent.
We found it.  Gar remembers being 16 years old and
staying here.

The ride through Hunter Mountain was breath taking

Seeing the ski trails on the mountain in the photo below
got this skiers heart beating.

We stopped at a little honey store and Gar got some
honey and I picked up a nice smelling soap for the bathroom.

We got back home and it was time to rest before dinner.
We decided to dress up a little for dinner as it was time
to celebrate my mother-in-law's 90th.
We were told to show up in their room an hour before

Some Armenian hor dourves.
Nuts, string cheese, pita, bastima,
dolmas, sujuk, olives and dried appricot.
 Enjoyed these in the room prior to dinner.

Then the party got crazy and the Azarian's too!

Cousin Harry and Taylor or Darth Vadar

The birthday girl - looking good for 90 !

Linda, Gar's sister getting crazy!

Watch out Gar that is Darth Vadar !

Birthday girl opening a gift from Darth Vadar

Party Time !   Linda's friend Esther came up and joined us.

We all had our I Love Mary pins

Then we headed to dinner.
Filet Mignon - and birthday cake for Mary

Cousin Harry and Bonny

Gary and Taylor having some fun.

Gar and Maryellen having some fun! hah

Bonny and me

Cousin Steven and his mom Aunt Rose
My hubby looking dapper chatting with Cousin Harry

Sunday AM we got up met everyone for
breakfast then headed home.

The ride home was spectacular.

We stopped at a little town called Phoencia.
Here's Gar checking out the town.

Loved seeing the huge American Flag.

Well it was a very special weekend.

Happy Birthday to the two Mary Azarian's  : )