Saturday, July 24, 2010

........................My Cousin is "2"

My little cousin Conor is 2 years old.
Today we went to his birthday party.
He is so cute. I got a real kick out of
the way he was standing. Hands folded
behind his back. You have to love that
blonde curly hair too.

If you can read his shirt it says, If you think
I'm cute wait until you see the new baby.
HA this is how my cousin Jen Conor's Mom decided to
share her pregnancy news with us.

How about this water slide they rented.
No I didn't dare go down it. hah

Sunday, July 18, 2010

.................My "baby" is getting old . . sigh

How did this little sweet boy become almost 13?
Where did the time go? On 8/05 he will be 13.

Hubby bought me this book because we are beginning
to experience some "senior" issues with Sollie.

Breaks my heart what is ahead. But the Lord is teaching me
to enjoy each moment with him until he calls him home.
We love you Sollie, hope we have many more years ahead.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

.................Kutztown Festival PA 2010

We went to the Kutztown Festival in PA today.
We weren't sure how it would go because the weather was
quite unsettled. But we had a blast anyway. When it
rained we shopped under the tents, when it cleared we
walked around and enjoyed the outside events.

They had the sweetest baby animals there. This is an
adorable little piggy. They also had baby bunnies and ducks.

This is a huge country chair.

Hubby and I checking out all the PA Dutch foods.
Homemade jams, jellies, pickels, cheeses you name it.

Here's my hubby with our dear friend Shelly and my
Auntie Rose.