Sunday, July 18, 2010

.................My "baby" is getting old . . sigh

How did this little sweet boy become almost 13?
Where did the time go? On 8/05 he will be 13.

Hubby bought me this book because we are beginning
to experience some "senior" issues with Sollie.

Breaks my heart what is ahead. But the Lord is teaching me
to enjoy each moment with him until he calls him home.
We love you Sollie, hope we have many more years ahead.

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  1. Our little Westie is going on 14 and he is on at least 5 medications. We are so sad but trying to let him live as long as he can! He is just the sweetest thing! We lost his brother this past year of heart failure. Westies make the BEST pets! Hope your little Sollie does well!