Saturday, June 25, 2016

Greek Festival ~ Opa

Greek Festival ~ Ocean Twp NJ

Oh the food ! ! ! !

This was mine ~  Lemon chicken, rice & Greek salad

This as hubbies ~ spanitopika

Chocolate ice cream with cherries ~ loved it
Little Greek Flag so cute !

Hubby treated himself to these mini boxing gloves.
His Dad was from Cypress

I treated myself to a bracelet that had 3 charms.
a cat and a heart that reads I love my rescue cat.
And an angle wing for my doggie Solomon in heaven.

Fun time !

Bridgefest 2016 Ocean Grove NJ

Hubby and I enjoyed
Bridgefest last night.


Musicians were Citizens & Saints

Phil Wickham

Guest speaker:  Greg Laurie

The auditorium is so beautiful when God is being
worshipped !  So much history.

Over 5,000 people in attendance and 400 people
went forward to receive Jesus !

Monday, June 20, 2016

Graduation & Rockettes

Fun weekend.
Graduation party for my
God-Daughters son AJ.
Heading to high school.

Where has time gone?

I made this cute veggie train I
found on Pinterest


Then on Father's day hubby and I
headed to NYC to see the Rockettes.

The show was such fun.

How cool is the rainbow photo out my window?
Looks like the cross instead of a telephone pole.

Also my Auntie's peonies bloomed.
Oh I love them. Wait for them every year.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Vacation Week

I am on vacation this week !

           YOO HOO !

We headed to Lancaster PA
for our annual trip with our
Maranatha friends . . .

We had tickets to see Samson at
Sight & Sound.  Oh my gosh the
show was fantastic.  So amazing
what they do. 

The part that always strikes me with
their plays is the way they portray
the faith of the Jewish people in God.
And how they incorporate Jesus at
the end of every play even those
about old testament characters.
Salvation message is always loud
and clear.

It was great to see Tony/Anita,
Tom/Liz, Jerry/Casey all friends
who have retired and moved away.

Here I am bright and early Friday am
as we were heading to breakfast.

Oh my gosh can you say delicious:
Blueberries n' Lemon Stuffed French Toast
It had such a strong lemon taste it was so good.

I really like the yogurt parfait also

God's country ~ I love farmlands

I also love covered bridges

We had a motorcycle in front of us turning into the
Outlets in Lancaster PA.  I said gosh that women has
the oddest looking hair?   When we got closer I saw
why !  HAH   Check out the Yorkies in a bag on the
motorcycle.   Just when I thought I saw it all HAH

Picked up a great buy on Dooney & Bourke pocket book
at the QVC Outlet store.
Got this one in Black with Brown at a steal price.

Kitchen Kettle on the way home so Gar could get his
favorite jellies. The flowers were beautiful.

Gar and I having one for the ride home : )
Refreshing and delicious ~ Hubs had Pina Colada,
I always get some mocha coffee type.

This is our favorite sign we pass on the way to the
PA Turnpike . . .

Traffic jam on the Turnpike on the way home.
Took time to enjoy the wildflowers along the route.
Pretty daisy's

This boy was glad to see us.  He really enjoyed his
mouse toy Mom bought him at Kitchen Kettle.
He played and played with it.

Looking forward to what lies ahead on my
vacation days ~ planning on doing some:

 time with Jesus

magazine reading catch up


I did some crafting

spring cleaning ~ throwing it away


maybe a day at the
Jersey Shore

I am a big time planner
so I will be sure to keep
each day full !

I did some cooking - delicious Pioneer Women recipe.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

First and foremost we are so thankful for
the sacrifice of so many for our freedom!
We remember and will never forget.
We were up early on Saturday to do our
laundry and meet up with our laundry pals.
We have such fun with these guys hah
My Judah was happy I did laundry also hah
Then we did all our errands.
I spent some time putting together our
new kitty furniture to hide the litter box.
We love it and so do our boys.
We did a lot of this . . .

Then a nice dinner at Bertucci's
Love their pizza !
Sunday we went to worship ~
Hubby worked down stairs with "his kids" 
We sang Battle Hymn of Republic, God Bless America &
America the Beautiful.  These songs always  make me cry.
America may have its problems ~ but we are
the best country in the world.
After church we headed to up state NY.
Most folks that live at the Jersey shore
head south, but we head north ! hah
(avoid the crowds) 
Do you blame us?  Garden State Parkway
 The ride is just glorious to upstate NY !

Love the flag !

We stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel
I tried the Camp Fire Meal ~ so glad I did
Delicious  tender and moist  - loved it.
Memorial Day Monday we had breakfast at our little
local diner.  They have great food.
Oh my gosh look what I ate !
Then we did shopping at Steinmart.
I found two great tops for work and they were 50%
off plus 20% at register.  Great buy.
I decided to make some homemade potato salad for
our little indoor BBQ
Hubby wanted to make sausage and peppers and we
picked up some salad and cole slaw at the store.
It was a blessed 3 day weekend !
And our boys agree . . .
 A dear lady at our church brings flowers for all the
ladies . . .