Sunday, March 29, 2015

Palm Sunday & New York Spring Spectacular - Rockette's

We had a wonderful Palm Sunday Service
Our Maranatha Minstrels did awesome.

Pastor Charlie never failed to crack us up
with his Donkey stories.

Then we headed into NYC to see the
New York Spring Spectacular Show
with the Rockettes and Derek Hough
from Dancing with the Stars.

The show was just wonderful.

Derek was amazing. His little legs can fly.
I loved this scene from dancing in the rain.


It was so fun we had bracelet that light up
and  3-D glasses.  The Rockette's costumes
were incredible as always.

Central Park Scene

Statue of Liberty

Really a delightful show.

Ended day with dinner at Junior's

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bible Study or Feast?

We had a delightful time at my
Friday night bible study.

We completed our last study so we
took a break to have a movie night.

We watched some old Women of Faith
videos.  They never get old.

I baked this nice Spring cake even
though it was still cold and freezing
in New Jersey.

We put out quite a spread didn't we?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Grace Bible Fellowship Ladies Tea

Had a lovely time at the ladies tea.

The sandwiches were delicious.

Someone made bacon cheese scones !

I'm not a tea drinker normally, but the decaf' peppermint
was pretty good.

Here's my table

Here I am with my Aunt and Joyce & Joan

Here is some friends . . .
Karen, Trish, Cheryl and Sara

Happy Spring or is IT???

 Happy SPRING? 

This was my ride home from work on the first day of
Spring hah  God had other plans evidently.

Happy St Patrick's Day

Neither of us are Irish but we can still

Hubby treated to a lovely dinner !~
Hope you all enjoyed your day !


Faithfulness of GOD !

Our God is faithful.

After a year of diligent seeking, my husband
has a job!  woo hoo!

No easy task for a 61 year old man these days.

And it is not just a job it is a teacher's aid
position.  His hearts desire job.

He had been doing administrative work but his
heart is with helping children.

And it is not just a job but a job near our
church.  Which means down the road we
can relocate and be able to participate
in our church activities during the week.

Beth Moore Atlantic City Weekend

Aunt Rose and I had an awesome time at the Beth Moore
weekend in Atlantic City.

It was at Boardwalk Hall. The same place they hold the
Miss American pageants.

We had a hard time finding an affordable place to eat dinner
on Friday night. Ended up at the Rain Forest Café'

We had a great seat right by the fish tank.

We both ordered the same thing. The chicken was to
die for !   Loved it.

On the way home a quick bite at Denny's. It was a special
treat we don't have any Denny's in our area anymore.
We had a great time and learned so much.

God was moving in a mighty way ~  floods of ladies going
forward for salvation.  Floods of ladies in line seeking prayer.
Lot's of laughter & tears.

Thankful for and blessed that God allowed us to attend.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lovely In-Laws

Had a lovely lunch with my in-laws