Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sweet Chicks ~ Featured on Food Network

Hubby and I headed to a place called

Sweet Chicks

We saw it on Food Network Star last week.
You could almost smell the chicken the way
it was shown and described so we were determined
to go and try it.

45 minute wait but oh my gosh it was so worth it!

It is decorated so cute also

It was a beautiful day in NYC . . .

Next up John's of 12th Street
I hear they have world famous meatballs.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

10th Avenue Burrito

One of our favorite restaurants
finally opened in Red Bank about
a mile from our home.

It was scheduled to open beginning of summer but you
know how construction project go.

It finally opened and we are delighted.
They have the best Mexican food around.

We went the 3rd day they were opened.
This location sits on the Navesink and you can enjoy
dinner watching the boats go by. 

Kailyn turns 4

My Grand Niece turned 4 today!

She looks just like me as a child.
She is my sister Linda's son Roberts daughter.
Here she is with my mother Lori
Kailyn is her Great-Granddaughter
It was all about Princesses and Fairies this day!
We had a good time at her party.
Here I am with Mom and Hubby !
I was dying to make these Watermelon Cup Cakes I found
on a blog I follow.
They turned out good.
Happy Birthday !

55th Wedding Anniversary

My dearest friends are celebrating 55 years !
They have been an example to me of love, caring,
loyalty, friendship, perseverance and faith.
I met
Sara and Cliff when I was just 7 years old and we
moved next door to them in Oceanport.
I quickly became their sixth child. I went on every trip with
them from skiing in Vermont to visiting family in Michigan.
They rounded up all the children on the street and took
us to VBS and Sunday School.  My foundation of
faith began because these dear people lived their

We headed out to Lewisburg PA to celebrate !

Cindy, Cliff, Luke, Lydie and Holly
Sara & Cliff
They have quite a legacy of children, grandchildren
and 1 great-grandchild and one on the way.

David, Mackenzie, Jeff, Clara, Meredith
Maddie, Olivia and Caden (Jack couldn't make the trip)

We had an blast all getting together and it is not easy
as we are spread out all over.
West Virginia, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Good food and great friends !

Friend from NJ Joseph
Grandson David

Jeff's Dad Howie

Jeff and his fiancé Melissa with Howie his Dad
We are so excited these two sweet kids are getting married
in October in Naples FL and we are all GOING ! woo hoo

Maria and Mike - New Jersey friends