Sunday, December 31, 2017

Gaylord Opryland Hotel Nashville Christmas Trip

I have always wanted to see the 
Gaylord Opryland Hotel at Christmas.
So this year we decided to go.

I only had a short time off work so it
was going to be quite a whirlwind.
And it was !

Up at 3:30 am Christmas Eve morning.
Driver was coming at 4:30 am.
Our flight was at 8 am but we were concerned
about the lines being a holiday.

Arrived at Newark at 5:30 am and would
you believe sailed right through the line.
That was okay ~ rather have that then miss
my plane and have to rush. So we decided
to sit down and enjoy a nice breakfast at 
the airport. 

Up Up and away . . .

Landed in Tennessee

Amy Grant Tender Tennessee Christmas !

Had a little trouble with the car rental.
They were double booking cars and every time they gave
us a key the car was already gone. 
Finally after about 45 minutes we received our car.

The hotel was only about a 10 - 15 minute drive from the airport.
But since we could not check in until 4 pm we decided to spend
the day Downtown Nashville

Here are some of the sights:

What is music city without some Johnny Cash?

The famous Ryman ~ how many shows did I watch as a
child with my Uncle Bill from this auditorium.

Just watched the CMA's adds still up.

Titans were playing and we saw folks rushing off to the
game.  Neat to see the stadium.

Hubby found this restaurant Monell's
WOW ~ amazing
Just like Mrs Wilkes in Georgia but I think the food was a 
bit better.  Not to say Mrs Wilkes isn't wonderful

It is family style ~ oh gosh what didn't we have
Roast Beef, BBQ Chicken, Fried Chicken, Broccoli Salad, 
Cole Slaw, Corn Pudding, Biscuits, Corn Bread, Mashed Potatoes,
Sweet Potatoes, the most delicious Mac & Cheese,
Green Beans, Apples, oh gosh on and on
Then a Pecan Pie with Chocolate for dessert.

They had the most beautiful Garland

Then it was time to head off to the Gaylord Hotel !
I was so excited - we were planning to just check in then
head off to Church early.

Heading into the huge Lobby Festive door

I took this photo early in the AM the next day
when we arrived this place was jam packed.
We waited in check in line for about 1/2 hour.

After check in we headed to Brentwood Baptist for service.
So impressive.  They held 4 Christmas Eve services.
Ours was at 3:30 and it was jam packed. They asked us if 
we had someone holding seats for us. We said, No. She said
you may have to sit in the choir loft.  YIKES my anxiety 
immediately kicked in. Oh gosh, I don't want to sit in this huge 
and I mean huge church up in front.  God was of course
faithful and merciful. As we are heading to the choir loft a
man flags us over and they had two seats next to them.
PHEW  the service as amazing.  

This isn't a great photo but when we all held up our lights
during Silent Night it could take your breath away.
So many lights.

After church we headed back to the Gaylord.
It is so huge. So huge.
I walked so much these two days my legs were nearly done.
These will be random photos.

They had a lot of photo ops items.

Isn't it something.  Reminded me of the San Antonio
River Walk.  So much plant life and water fountains.

It was Peanuts Theme 

We didn't do it but the kids could have breakfast with
Charlie Brown.  Isn't he cute ?

More random hotel photos . . .

This was Santa's chair - but he was at the North Pole
by the time we arrived HAH

More Random . . .

Felt like I was on a cruise ship. So hard to find your way
back to your room hah So thankful for these little Gold
Nutcrackers who were placed all over hotel pointing the way.

Another little friend

More friends

 This tree was spectacular - can't appreciate it in photos

Through here was Holiday Hall - they had fun things for
children - Gingerbread houses, Build A Bear, Skating,
Christmas Train Ride

My buddies ~ I love Gingerbread

They had a beautiful nativity outside on the
grounds . . .

Local radio station inside the hotel.

Gary and Mr Jack 

Then we went to ICE which was on the hotel grounds.
This years theme was Peanuts.

It was 9 degrees and they insisted you put on these blue
Parka's.  It didn't feel that cold to me hah
Gary was freezing. 

When you first go in they give you safety instructions
then it starts to "snow" in the room.
The children loved it they just squealed.
I loved it too. hah Big huge flakes falling felt so real.

At the end of the ICE show they had a 
beautiful ice nativity

With all the walking my legs were done hah
So while Gary went to the John Wayne exhibit I took a long
rest watching the ice skaters in Holiday Hall.

Here are his photos

The last event was a Dinner concert with Diamond Rio
It was wonderful

They performed some of their hits and
many Christmas songs.  They had two  huge screens
showing photos of Jesus and the nativity.
When they sang Mary Did You Know.
it was such a blessing.

There were 90 tables of 10 people each -
huge room in the hotel.  Magnolia Ballroom

We were seated with a couple from Florida,
A couple from Alabama, A couple from 
South Carolina (when we told the 
South Carolina women we were from NJ/NY
she said, Oh my Yankees)  That was a long
time ago lady. hah Next to me was a lovely
lady from New Mexico and her mom.
Her mom has Alzheimer's and she has 
been trying to do as much with her as
she can. But she indicated this would
be her last trip it was getting so hard.

We had the most delicious mushroom 
soup with a biscuit top. It looked like a
pot pie. Really rich but so good.
Then we had turkey dinner with all the
fixings.  Dessert was a chocolate
no flour cake ( more like mousse) and
white chocolate topping , with 
raspberry and dark chocolate shavings.
It was also very rich. 

It was a dream come true to visit at Christmas.
Quite a whirlwind in 2 1/2 days

Up bright and early on Tuesday 12/26
Popeye's for breakfast at the airport far
different from the night before in the ballroom.

We flew into Newark at 9:30 am and
were home by 11 am.

On to 2018 and what adventures it will bring !