Sunday, November 19, 2017

An Early Christmas

Set up Christmas a little early this year.
We have so many plans coming
up this season.

I needed to get a jump on things.

I love our little table top tree . . .

Don't you just love ornaments
each one with its own special memory
I try to pick one up every place we travel

This one was our first year with our boys

My hubby dreams of a Silver Bullet one day
For now this one will have to do. hah

This one is special. It was from an ornament exchange I
participated in with some blogger friends. 
Linda sent me this beautiful one.

Can't leave out our St Simons Island

My Cowboy Santa from Branson MO trip

Never forget my Westie in Heaven

This one is about 50 or more years old.
Its from my childhood always on my tree
as a child.

Wedding dress love this one
Marriage is so important to me

Memories from our Hawaiian trip
Love our names in Hawaiian

Special Armenian ornament for my husbands nationality

Love the Grinch - Aunt Rose gave me this one
just this year

Jesus Lord of Lord and King of Kings !

Got this at Hobby Lobby they just opened one in my area !

Hubby and I went to a Sugar Loaf craft show and I found this
It is painted from the inside out. They use a teeny tiny paint
brush.  Its remarkable.  I love it.

I love this photo ~ winter scenes are my favorite

Decided to change up the bathroom  to Winter scene
Isn't this a great shower curtain?

Hubby and I Winter 2017 photo

This diner is very special.
It was my Mom's
Every time we visited Gar would comment on it.
He really liked it.
We couldn't find one even close to this.
Last Spring my Mom gave it to us.
We cherish it.

While I was working so hard decorating
My boys were a huge help as you can see below hah

Judah out like a light

Little Percy enjoying the sunshine

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Oh October I love You ! ! !

October is a BIG month for me !

I attended the ladies retreat at Bird In Hand in
Lancaster PA
It was a wonderful time.

A great group of ladies

The crazy trio

Lancaster in the Fall is amazing !

The grounds are so festive!

Hot Air Balloon

Friend Rose and Me

Then it was my birthday  ~  58 blessed years

I arrived at work and my brand new
Temp Co-worker decorated
my desk in a PINK explosion. 
( I love pink )

They bought me these beautiful
Pink Roses.

My thoughtful hubby surprised me
with a Dooney (Cowboys) purse.

Then a few days later it was our 10th Anniversary

I posted this on facebook for my hubby

10 years of adventure and fun ! 
Oh the places we have been. 
From a tiny plane up Mt McKinley Alaska to a helicopter
over the volcano's in Hawaii to touring my Cowboy stadium
in Texas and making a dream come true attending the
Texas State Fair to having a blast in Branson MO and
the list goes on and on . . . 
you've made this girl brave !  

I'm ready for the next 10 xoxox

I found this on Esty 

Here we are ready to head out to our
anniversary dinner

I wanted a restaurant with a view.
Most of them in NYC are so expensive.
Hubby, bless him, found this one in Bergen NJ
We had a view of NYC across the Hudson
Loved it

We even saw a funny little rainbow.
My brother said on Facebook. "The Lord follows you".
Gave me the opportunity to post a bible verse.
I told him, your right Bob
Psalm 23:6   Surely your goodness and love will follow me
all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house
of the Lord forever.

What was on the menu?

We both chose the Caesar Salad

Then hubby had
Black Ink Pasta 
Shrimp, chili's, fresh ground salami, white wine reduction

I told him it looked like worms hah
He said it was delicious

I had - Fresh Pappardelle 
Roasted Mushrooms, sherry and truffle sauce
My meal.   Decadent & Rich I could only eat a tiny bit. 

So this girl finally brings home the leftovers LOL

We never ever never ever get dessert but this was special
10 years married so dessert it was

Hubby had - Banana Bread Pudding
Homemade banana bread, fresh bananas & banana ice cream
Gars dessert, his comment "I'd come here just for this" 

Guess he enjoyed it  HAH

This girl is not really a sweet eater.  Give me salty stuff
But I do LOVE my chocolate ice cream.
So that is what I chose.

What have our "boys" been up to.

Well Mom bought herself a new chair.

It wasn't in our house 10 minutes and I find this

Oh Judah you are so cute !

Then I find this - Oh Percy  just like brother

If you can't beat them join them . . .

This boys loves his Mom 

So it has been a full October !

We have so many exciting plans
for Nov and Dec I can hardly wait

Our annual trip to Byers Choice
One of my favorite place at Christmas

It's not Christmas without Radio City Rockettes Show

The annual Christmas show in Lancaster PA

We try to see at least one Broadway or Off Broadway
Christmas show each year

This year is it:

And the most exciting part we are
traveling for a quick (very quick)
trip to Nashville TN Christmas Eve
and Christmas Day

Opryland Hotel  ~ spectacular at Christmas

So thankful to the Lord for His blessings on our
lives and our marriage