Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend ~ 2017

Hubby had Friday off so I was blessed to be able to join him.
We had a nice relaxing day of shopping and riding around
writing down condo developments as the search continues . . .

First we hit breakfast at the local diner then Ikea

Then hubby wanted to stop at the Woodbridge Mall

Then it was time to drive around and locate the condo locations

I'll be honest it feels like it is taking forever and that the Lord
is silent.  But we remain in faith and trust in His perfect direction.
This is a huge purchase for us at our age and we don't want to
move ahead without His will.  Charles Stanley had a great
sermon on Making Decisions that was so helpful.

Saturday AM we did our normal routine of laundry.
( Oh can't wait until condo has its own machines : )

We had a birthday party for my dear friend Karen
on Saturday night.   She turned 70 !

It was at the Molly Pitcher a lovely hotel on the Navesink in Red Bank

It's right down the street from our current apartment so it
was nice not to have to travel.         

Here am I with my husband and Uncle Mike and Aunt Rose.

On Sunday we went to worship service than off to NYC
We saw the funniest play with Kevin Klein.
Present Laughter

I participated in selfie with a soldier
Here's my little guy - bless him

We had dinner at Ocean Bay Diner
To be honest we probably won't return.
The food is good, the service is great
but the owner is not very nice.
We could hear him screaming at his
waitress staff like they were dogs.
It was very upsetting. Gary and I
tried to comfort two of the waitresses.
I'm sure he is under a great deal of
stress also ~ have to remember to pray
for them all.

Monday ~ Memorial Day

We had plans to drive around a few other
condo locations after breakfast in Freehold
but when we arrived all the streets were
closed because of the parade.

So we headed to Perkins in Lincroft.

After breakfast Hubby headed to shop
(my man loves to shop)

and I went home to work in my office.
I had gotten a little behind in my paperwork

So happy it went from above to below:

The rest of the day we relaxed and held our own BBQ.

hot dogs

chicken wings

broccoli salad

corn on the cob

baked beans


Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Dream Come True ~ Red Nose Day

After years of planning, fundraising
and prayer Cousin Harry's dream came true.

We celebrated the opening of the Youth building
at my husband's families Armenian church.

I'm sad Cousin Harry never lived to
see his dream but His legacy lives on

Today is red nose Day !   
Here we are having a little fun with it

I had a great report from may cardiologist

We are still searching for a condo.
Waiting on the Lord is HARD !
So anxious to move and get it going

So this quote in my Guidepost Magazine:

What an enormous challenge to trust
God's faithfulness in an unknown future.

I also went to Ladies Day at America's Keswick.
It was wonderful.  Susie Larson was great !

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Guess I am catching up again  . . .

We have been so busy with trying to locate a condo to purchase
That we have been keeping it pretty low key.

I did get a nice night out with the girlfriends
We went to our local diner they have great food.
Rosie, Marianne, Denise, Rose and myself.
We had a great laugh when our crazy friend Marianne
brought in a bag with a lily that was dead and I mean dead.
Evidently she was bringing it for Rose and left it in the
hot car all day while she worked. She didn't realize it would
kill the lily.  It was just a green stick in a bag hah hah

On Good Friday we went to my Aunt's church.
It was a lovely service.

Since it was the first Easter without my mother-in-law
we decided to keep it easy.  Gary and I went to church,
then to dinner in NYC at Carmines
Oh the food is sooo good !

Easter Bread

Carmines special house salad

Rigatoni with olive oil and sausage

I was on vacation for a week after Easter.

I am preparing the field for rain so to speak and packing away
non-essentials in the faith that the Lord will open the door to a
condo for us to move soon. : ) Spent a lot of vacation packing.

Aunt Rose and I saw the movie:
Loved it !

Aunt Rose and I went to lunch at
The Kitchen Witch
We love this place it is so cute inside

I also met my girlfriend Cindy for breakfast one day
Bacon Street Grill.  Our poor waitress was having a really bad day.
First she ordered the entirely wrong breakfast for Cindy.
Then she poured hot coffee in Cindy's cup of hot tea.
Then she gave us the wrong bill.  We all had a good laugh.

I also got a hair cut. Wanted something cooler for summer.

Then we had a 50th birthday party
for my husbands cousin Bobby in CT.
We had a lovely time the house was
just spectacular.

I am doing a great 6 week bible study
That The World May Know
Fire on The Mountain
It is so interesting they are walking through Israel
The scenery is so exciting.

Our friend Chris turned 21.
I can hardly believe it.
We stopped by the bowling alley to celebrate !

We visited two houses in Middlesex but neither one was for us.
One was nice outside but inside wasn't updated since 1950
The other one was nice but they ripped out an above ground
pool and left the huge whole and mess.  So we carry on looking.

Today we had a lovely time my great-nephew had his first
communion party.

He is such a little man ~ adorable LUCAS

Here is my nephew Robert, his wife Kristin, Kailyn and Lucas.

Here is my sister and her son Michael

My Aunt Rose and brother Bob

My sister Karen

My Mom and me

My husband and me

We took a quick trip out to Lancaster.
Shopped until we nearly dropped. hah

Had a fun time at work we did Derby Day.
Everyone was to wear or make a hat.

Had  a blast making my hat.
All Dollar Store finds. hah

Our babies !

Judah found a new place to soar and land since I packed the
nick knacks.

Little Percy loves his windows

Judah and Mommy

Snuck on Mommy's bed

Hey no more nick knacks. I can climb everywhere !

They had a good sale on cats today.
Picked up two.

No words for this crazy boy !  hah hah hah

Looks like he is in jail.

Must be 10 pm ~ hugging rocking boy time

Oh no Dad Can't see QVC

Sleeping next to Dad.  Dad was sound asleep. So  cute !

So many toys so little time to play

They are enjoying SPRING and all the birds

Handsome boy !

I think I am pretty well caught up !