Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend ~ 2017

Hubby had Friday off so I was blessed to be able to join him.
We had a nice relaxing day of shopping and riding around
writing down condo developments as the search continues . . .

First we hit breakfast at the local diner then Ikea

Then hubby wanted to stop at the Woodbridge Mall

Then it was time to drive around and locate the condo locations

I'll be honest it feels like it is taking forever and that the Lord
is silent.  But we remain in faith and trust in His perfect direction.
This is a huge purchase for us at our age and we don't want to
move ahead without His will.  Charles Stanley had a great
sermon on Making Decisions that was so helpful.

Saturday AM we did our normal routine of laundry.
( Oh can't wait until condo has its own machines : )

We had a birthday party for my dear friend Karen
on Saturday night.   She turned 70 !

It was at the Molly Pitcher a lovely hotel on the Navesink in Red Bank

It's right down the street from our current apartment so it
was nice not to have to travel.         

Here am I with my husband and Uncle Mike and Aunt Rose.

On Sunday we went to worship service than off to NYC
We saw the funniest play with Kevin Klein.
Present Laughter

I participated in selfie with a soldier
Here's my little guy - bless him

We had dinner at Ocean Bay Diner
To be honest we probably won't return.
The food is good, the service is great
but the owner is not very nice.
We could hear him screaming at his
waitress staff like they were dogs.
It was very upsetting. Gary and I
tried to comfort two of the waitresses.
I'm sure he is under a great deal of
stress also ~ have to remember to pray
for them all.

Monday ~ Memorial Day

We had plans to drive around a few other
condo locations after breakfast in Freehold
but when we arrived all the streets were
closed because of the parade.

So we headed to Perkins in Lincroft.

After breakfast Hubby headed to shop
(my man loves to shop)

and I went home to work in my office.
I had gotten a little behind in my paperwork

So happy it went from above to below:

The rest of the day we relaxed and held our own BBQ.

hot dogs

chicken wings

broccoli salad

corn on the cob

baked beans


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