Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve 2012

Hubby and I like to spend
New Years Eve home together.

We have hor d'oeuvres and relax.

This year we have some really
tasty choices   . . .

But feeding our bodies is not all that we will do hah

We will also take time to feed our spirits.

We are going to take communion together
to bring in the New Year !

I also had an idea that we would pray together,
as we normally do, but this time I would pray for
things I hope for Gary and he will pray for things
he hopes for me.  I think it will be interesting to
see what my husband will pray?

We also will spend alot of time relaxing by our little
fake fireplace.  I love this little thing.

I love New Years - I like the thought of a fresh
New Year ahead. Even though I know I have
a new day each morning - thank you Lord.

It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed,
because his compassions fail not.
They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness

Resolutions . . . yes I like to make them.
Even if I have hardly ever stuck to them,
especially the diet ones hah
But it's worth it to keep trying . . .

1) consistently do my new Zumba exercise tape
     I just ordered from QVC

2)  continue to make better eating choices

3)  be careful that I am not having a "critical" spirit
My personality trait is melancholic, while this type
has many wonderful things one of the negative things
can be a critical spirit. When we studied this at church
and I heard this, I began to watch myself.  And wow,
I never realized that I can be critical. I do not want
this to be part of my life.  Looking forward to this
change ; )

Trusting the Lords perfect plan for our lives in 2013 . . .

Happy New Year to all my blog friends . . .

Abundant Blessings,

Friday, December 28, 2012

Pain - A Great Teacher

Well, I am still struggling with
this backache.

Tomorrow it will be a week.
I can't believe just how painful
it can be.

Last night I went to my chiropractor
and during the night it hurt so bad.
I came back to bed and could not
bend down to get into the bed.
I stood for a 1/2 hour in the pitch
dark listening to my hubby snore.
Trying and trying to get back into bed.

Once I got into bed I was praying and
talking to the Lord. Crying and
pleading with Him to heal my back.

I had so many plans and fun things I
wanted to do this holiday season.
But I have been spending much of it
in pain on my back.

As I was laying there in the dark I
knew the Lord was teaching me much.
Things I would not learn without this pain.

I decided I had a choice, be angry and bitter
with the Lord or accept from His loving hand
even this...

I made peace with what God's plan is in the pain.
I told Him - even if I have to live with this back
pain everyday for the rest of my life I will still
worship, serve, trust and love you.
You are Lord !

These are the treasures I am learning in this pain:

1) Compassion - I have a co-worker who has
     back problems. She is out of the office a lot.
     When she is out my department has to take on
      her extra workload and we are already way
     over burdened.  So I'm ashamed to say I have
     often been angry and short tempered with her.
     She is often drugged for her pain and I lose
      patience with her.Now I understand what
     back pain means.
     How debilitating it is. You can't function.
     I asked the Lord for forgiveness and promised
    to treat my co-worker and other people I
    encounter with compassion. If she lives
    with this pain in her life my heart breaks for her.

2)  Patience - I am an A type personality.
     I like to do, do, do.  Having this pain.
     I cannot do anything.  I have to wait.
     I have to wait to put my new car mats
     in my car. I have to wait to use my new 
     vacuum.  I have to wait to clean up the
     house from the Christmas festivities.
     I have to wait to take down the tree and
     put away my village.  Waiting is not
     easy for a do, do, do girl.  I am learning
      the world isn't ending because I haven't 
      done the things I so want to do.
     Those things are still there to do when I
     am able.

3)  Accept Help - I am having to ask for help
    and accept help from my hubby and others.
    This is not easy either. I was a single gal
    until I was 47 - I did it all myself.

4)  Wait on the Lord and Trust His plan.
      All the plans I made for this holiday
      season are up in the air.  I don't know
      each day if I will be well enough to
     do any of them.  One day at a time.

5) Making the most of each day.
    I am choosing to enjoy each day
    even in the pain. To enjoy the things
    I am able to do.  Relax, read, computer
   for as long as I can stand to sit, TV.
Choose Joy !



 6) Handle Disappointment
    Learning to handle the disappointment
    with my plans not happening.
    Smiling and making new plans with
     what I have in each day as it comes.

7) Accept my limitations
    I feel very responsible at work.
    We are a team of 3 women and when
    one is out it is so so hard.  This week
    we had one out.  I have been going
    into work in such pain. The days
     are very hard.   Today I just could
    not make it in.  I had to call out
     and leave my co-worker to handle
    it alone.  This was not easy.
    Not easy to accept that I could not
    push myself to go to work.


I love this devotional - it so encourages me . . .

"This Thing is From Me" - Streams in the Desert

“This thing is from me” (1 Kings 12:24).

“Life’s disappointments are veiled love’s appointments.” –Rev. C. A. Fox

My child, I have a message for you today; let me whisper it in your ear, that it may gild with glory any storm clouds which may arise, and smooth the rough places upon which you may have to tread. It is short, only five words, but let them sink into your inmost soul; use them as a pillow upon which to rest your weary head. This thing is from Me.

Have you ever thought of it, that all that concerns you concerns Me too? For, “he that toucheth you, toucheth the apple of mine eye” (Zech. 2:8). You are very precious in My sight. (Isa. 43:4) Therefore, it is My special delight to educate you.

I would have you learn when temptations assail you, and the “enemy comes in like a flood,” that this thing is from Me, that your weakness needs My might, and your safety lies in letting Me fight for you.

Are you in difficult circumstances, surrounded by people who do not understand you, who never consult your taste, who put you in the background? This thing is from Me. I am the God of circumstances. Thou camest not to thy place by accident, it is the very place God meant for thee.

Have you not asked to be made humble? See then, I have placed you in the very school where this lesson is taught; your surroundings and companions are only working out My will.

Are you in money difficulties? Is it hard to make both ends meet? This thing is from Me, for I am your purse-bearer and would have you draw from and depend upon Me. My supplies are limitless (Phil.4:19). I would have you prove my promises. Let it not be said of you, “In this thing ye did not believe the Lord your God” (Deut. 1:32).

Are you passing through a night of sorrow? This thing is from Me. I am the Man of Sorrows and acquainted with grief. I have let earthly comforters fail you, that by turning to Me you may obtain everlasting consolation (2 Thess. 2:16, 17). Have you longed to do some great work for Me and instead have been laid aside on a bed of pain and weakness? This thing is from Me. I could not get your attention in your busy days and I want to teach you some of my deepest lessons. “They also serve who only stand and wait.” Some of My greatest workers are those shut out from active service, that they may learn to wield the weapon of all–prayer.

This day I place in your hand this pot of holy oil. Make use of it free, my child. Let every circumstance that arises, every word that pains you, every interruption that would make you impatient, every revelation of your weakness be anointed with it. The sting will go as you learn to see Me in all things. –Laura A. Barter Snow

“‘This is from Me,’ the Saviour said,
As bending low He kissed my brow,
‘For One who loves you thus has led.
Just rest in Me, be patient now,
Your Father knows you have need of this,
Tho’, why perchance you cannot see.
Grieve not for things you’ve seemed to miss.
The thing I send is best for thee.’

“Then, looking through my tears, I plead,
‘Dear Lord, forgive, I did not know,
‘Twill not be hard since Thou dost tread,
Each path before me here below.
And for my good this thing must be,
His grace sufficient for each test.
So still I’ll sing, “Whatever be
God’s way for me is always best.”‘”

Abundant Blessings,

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Had a blessed Christmas.

Hubby out did himself again
with thoughtfulness . . .

He is a great gift giver.
He puts so much thought into everything
he buys me.

I wanted to post a few of them so I
never forget his heart . . .

I collect Precious Moment Figurines.
Ever year he gets me one.
I love this one, see my hubby loves to grill.

I complain every time I use our hand can
opener. It really doesn't work well and
I struggle with it.  Hubby  has been listening
and look what I received !

Beautiful Electric and red to match our kitchen.

I also have this thing, ever since my Sollie doggie
went to Heaven I have been finding change on the
ground. No matter where I go. I always say it is
"Pennies from Heaven" from Solomon.
I was saving them in a jar as I never want to spend them.
Gar got me this adorable pink piggy bank.
He knows my favorite color is pink.
Now I can save my "pennies from heaven" in a special place.

I also love gingerbread men.
My kitchen is decorated in them.
He got me this adorable mug !
Love it . . .

He got me a ton of neat things
for baking. These are for
measuring out your cupcake mix.

How neat is this.
Color changing egg maker.
Turns color so you know when your
egg is just right.

I  bunch of these colorful spatulas

We've had an old used vacuum
that Gar's sister gave us when she
got a new one.  No more.
I have this brandy new Hoover !

I love my new car that I got in the summer.
I am super picky about it getting dirty hah
Hubby got me the Weather Tech Mats from TV.
Can't wait to use them and keep my car
rugs clean ; )

I am on a Facebook Group of West Highland
Terrier owners.  One of the ladies posted this
neat tin and I loved it. She said she got it
at Target. I just found out about it on Friday
night and being sick with sinusitis and having
thrown out my back I had zero desire to
even attempt to go to Target to find if they even
had them at this late date so I just chalked it up
as missed out.

So we are driving home from church last night,
Christmas Eve and I am telling hubby all about
this tin that I saw on Facebook Group and how
I loved it, and how I wished I found out about
it sooner, how I bet Target will have no more,
on and on and on.  He is just driving and
listening to me. Well, look what was under
my tree all along . . .

How cute are these shortbread cookies?
Delicious too ; )

He had no idea I saw this on facebook - he just
knows how much I loved my Solomon Doggie !

All the ladies in his family wear these bracelets.
He got me one so I can fit in ! He ordered it
from Israel makes it even more special.

I am a blessed wife and hubby is one
good listener and shopper.

It is our christmas tradition that hubby
makes his famous french toast.
He scored again !  It was so good.

After breakfast we headed to his cousins
home for gift opening and lunch.

They served a wonderful meal of lamb,
potatoes, peas & onions, salad.

Gar's Mom made the appetizers

Sou Boereg it is so good.
Cheese stuffed filo dough

Yalanchi - stuffed grape leaves

Their little boy is really into super heros
so he helped Mom make us dessert.
Super Hero cupcakes.

Thank you Lord for a wonderful
Christmas and especially for Jesus !

Abundant Blessings,

Christmas Eve 2012

Happy Christmas Eve

Here I am heading off to church.
I love Christmas Eve service.
My favorite part of Christmas.
(trying to put on my best smile -
 along with the back muscle spasms hah)

Here is our church - a bit blurry didn't want to
use a flash   . . .

After service we got a lovely surprise.

*~* SNOW *~* *~* SNOW *~* *~* SNOW *~*

Just started to fall . . . it was beautiful . . .

You can see it coming down in the specs . . .

So pretty . . .

Our church is an hour north of our home, by the
time we arrived home it was gone . . .
Just perfect  . . . magical for a few moments leaving
church then gone ; )

Abundant Blessings,

Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's the day before Christmas Eve.
So thankful I am beginning to feel

Last week was not fun
What started as a nasty head cold
soon became Sinusitis and ear pain.
Then when I was just about over that
I pulled my back out yesterday.
I know, I could not believe it either hah

Well, when I do it - I do it good ;)

So today I am home nursing myself
back to life again . . .

While I am here watching Christmas
movies for probably the 100th time,
sitting by the tree and waiting for sweet
hubby to return from church.

I thought I'd blog a few of my favorite

First - here's our Christmas Card for 2012

I've show this ornament before.
But it is so special.

St Simon's Island Georgia is where our future officially began.
Hubby told me he wanted to be more then friends . . .
Words I had waited a year to hear . . .
We head down there almost every year.
It will always be our "special" place.

I bought this one the first year we were married.
I always dreamed of having one of these.
Getting married at 48 tells you I dreamt of it for many years.

I got this one this year for my hubby.
He dreams of having an Airstream Silver Bullet one day ; )
I hope his dreams come true . . .

My Aunt Rose bought me this one. We know it is a teddy bear
but it looks like a WESTIE.  Reminds me of my Solomon.

This is the last year we had Solomon and I love that he is
included in our family ornament.

I treated myself to this one this year.
I love "all things" desks hah 
I added by blog to make it special.

Shared this one last year but I had to include it today.
We picked it up on a trip to Branson MO.
I love him. Love the country look.
We were blessed to see Andy Williams his last
year performing his Christmas show there.

Sollie always in our hearts.
Purchased this one the first Christmas without him.
This will always be on our tree to keep
him ever near . . .

I got this one made the first year we were married in 2007.
I loved the thought of starting our own "home"

The photo doesn't do this one justice.
It is quite beautiful. I found it at
Macy's after Christmas sale.
It was priced next to nothing.
It is such a beautiful wedding gown.

I ordered this one last year for my hubby.
It is Merry Christmas in Armenian.
Keeping his heritage and traditions are important to me.

I didn't understand just how special this would be to me
until now.  This was a gift one year from Solomon's groomer.
It is a clear ball with his hair. Looking inside and seeing
his white hair really blesses me heart now that he is with Jesus.

I love the Grinch.  He just cracks me up.
I can relate to him the before and after Grinch hah
My Aunt gave me this. It was her ornament and I
loved it for years. I love the dog with the tied on
antlers. hah

These last two ornaments are very special.
From two sweet, sweet blog friends.
When I look at these on my tree I think what an
amazing world we live in. We can meet people on line
from far away places and still be blessed to be
touched by their words, stories and kindnesses and
have the opportunity to be a blessing to them in return. . .

Linda in Kansas . . . a beautiful sunflower

Veronica in California - a turtle making a sand angel.

I was given this as a gift this year from my co-worker.
The angel lights up pure white & different colors . . .

She also gave me this one a few years ago.
I love this one. It will just snow and snow.
It also plays beautiful Christmas Carols.

Our first Christmas together my sweet
hubby bought me this one.
It snows and snows and plays a ton
of Christmas songs.  I love the little
penguins. He picked it out himself.
It was a nice surprise that year.

So thankful I feel better as each hour
passes.  Thinking of those folks with
serious illnesses or chronic pain.
My heart breaks for them.
The Lord is using this week to teach
me more compassion and understanding
for others struggles, particularly those
who are sick.

He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.

2 Corinthians 1:4

Abundant Blessings,