Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Had a blessed Christmas.

Hubby out did himself again
with thoughtfulness . . .

He is a great gift giver.
He puts so much thought into everything
he buys me.

I wanted to post a few of them so I
never forget his heart . . .

I collect Precious Moment Figurines.
Ever year he gets me one.
I love this one, see my hubby loves to grill.

I complain every time I use our hand can
opener. It really doesn't work well and
I struggle with it.  Hubby  has been listening
and look what I received !

Beautiful Electric and red to match our kitchen.

I also have this thing, ever since my Sollie doggie
went to Heaven I have been finding change on the
ground. No matter where I go. I always say it is
"Pennies from Heaven" from Solomon.
I was saving them in a jar as I never want to spend them.
Gar got me this adorable pink piggy bank.
He knows my favorite color is pink.
Now I can save my "pennies from heaven" in a special place.

I also love gingerbread men.
My kitchen is decorated in them.
He got me this adorable mug !
Love it . . .

He got me a ton of neat things
for baking. These are for
measuring out your cupcake mix.

How neat is this.
Color changing egg maker.
Turns color so you know when your
egg is just right.

I  bunch of these colorful spatulas

We've had an old used vacuum
that Gar's sister gave us when she
got a new one.  No more.
I have this brandy new Hoover !

I love my new car that I got in the summer.
I am super picky about it getting dirty hah
Hubby got me the Weather Tech Mats from TV.
Can't wait to use them and keep my car
rugs clean ; )

I am on a Facebook Group of West Highland
Terrier owners.  One of the ladies posted this
neat tin and I loved it. She said she got it
at Target. I just found out about it on Friday
night and being sick with sinusitis and having
thrown out my back I had zero desire to
even attempt to go to Target to find if they even
had them at this late date so I just chalked it up
as missed out.

So we are driving home from church last night,
Christmas Eve and I am telling hubby all about
this tin that I saw on Facebook Group and how
I loved it, and how I wished I found out about
it sooner, how I bet Target will have no more,
on and on and on.  He is just driving and
listening to me. Well, look what was under
my tree all along . . .

How cute are these shortbread cookies?
Delicious too ; )

He had no idea I saw this on facebook - he just
knows how much I loved my Solomon Doggie !

All the ladies in his family wear these bracelets.
He got me one so I can fit in ! He ordered it
from Israel makes it even more special.

I am a blessed wife and hubby is one
good listener and shopper.

It is our christmas tradition that hubby
makes his famous french toast.
He scored again !  It was so good.

After breakfast we headed to his cousins
home for gift opening and lunch.

They served a wonderful meal of lamb,
potatoes, peas & onions, salad.

Gar's Mom made the appetizers

Sou Boereg it is so good.
Cheese stuffed filo dough

Yalanchi - stuffed grape leaves

Their little boy is really into super heros
so he helped Mom make us dessert.
Super Hero cupcakes.

Thank you Lord for a wonderful
Christmas and especially for Jesus !

Abundant Blessings,

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