Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's the day before Christmas Eve.
So thankful I am beginning to feel

Last week was not fun
What started as a nasty head cold
soon became Sinusitis and ear pain.
Then when I was just about over that
I pulled my back out yesterday.
I know, I could not believe it either hah

Well, when I do it - I do it good ;)

So today I am home nursing myself
back to life again . . .

While I am here watching Christmas
movies for probably the 100th time,
sitting by the tree and waiting for sweet
hubby to return from church.

I thought I'd blog a few of my favorite

First - here's our Christmas Card for 2012

I've show this ornament before.
But it is so special.

St Simon's Island Georgia is where our future officially began.
Hubby told me he wanted to be more then friends . . .
Words I had waited a year to hear . . .
We head down there almost every year.
It will always be our "special" place.

I bought this one the first year we were married.
I always dreamed of having one of these.
Getting married at 48 tells you I dreamt of it for many years.

I got this one this year for my hubby.
He dreams of having an Airstream Silver Bullet one day ; )
I hope his dreams come true . . .

My Aunt Rose bought me this one. We know it is a teddy bear
but it looks like a WESTIE.  Reminds me of my Solomon.

This is the last year we had Solomon and I love that he is
included in our family ornament.

I treated myself to this one this year.
I love "all things" desks hah 
I added by blog to make it special.

Shared this one last year but I had to include it today.
We picked it up on a trip to Branson MO.
I love him. Love the country look.
We were blessed to see Andy Williams his last
year performing his Christmas show there.

Sollie always in our hearts.
Purchased this one the first Christmas without him.
This will always be on our tree to keep
him ever near . . .

I got this one made the first year we were married in 2007.
I loved the thought of starting our own "home"

The photo doesn't do this one justice.
It is quite beautiful. I found it at
Macy's after Christmas sale.
It was priced next to nothing.
It is such a beautiful wedding gown.

I ordered this one last year for my hubby.
It is Merry Christmas in Armenian.
Keeping his heritage and traditions are important to me.

I didn't understand just how special this would be to me
until now.  This was a gift one year from Solomon's groomer.
It is a clear ball with his hair. Looking inside and seeing
his white hair really blesses me heart now that he is with Jesus.

I love the Grinch.  He just cracks me up.
I can relate to him the before and after Grinch hah
My Aunt gave me this. It was her ornament and I
loved it for years. I love the dog with the tied on
antlers. hah

These last two ornaments are very special.
From two sweet, sweet blog friends.
When I look at these on my tree I think what an
amazing world we live in. We can meet people on line
from far away places and still be blessed to be
touched by their words, stories and kindnesses and
have the opportunity to be a blessing to them in return. . .

Linda in Kansas . . . a beautiful sunflower

Veronica in California - a turtle making a sand angel.

I was given this as a gift this year from my co-worker.
The angel lights up pure white & different colors . . .

She also gave me this one a few years ago.
I love this one. It will just snow and snow.
It also plays beautiful Christmas Carols.

Our first Christmas together my sweet
hubby bought me this one.
It snows and snows and plays a ton
of Christmas songs.  I love the little
penguins. He picked it out himself.
It was a nice surprise that year.

So thankful I feel better as each hour
passes.  Thinking of those folks with
serious illnesses or chronic pain.
My heart breaks for them.
The Lord is using this week to teach
me more compassion and understanding
for others struggles, particularly those
who are sick.

He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.

2 Corinthians 1:4

Abundant Blessings,

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