Sunday, September 27, 2015

Greenwich Wine & Food Festival

Hubby and I were so blessed to be invited
as a guest to the Greenwich Wine & Food Festival.
Gary's cousin Harry and wife Edna treated us.

Here is an example of some of the great food
we got to try:





I was especially excited because I wanted to see
Kathie Lee Gifford again. 

Here she is with Kim from the Country band
Little Big Town

My hubby loves Geoffrey Zakarian and he was once
a neighbor to Cousin Harry so we got to meet him.

We saw two food demo's one from Geoffrey
and one from Alex.

Alex came back to tease Geoffrey during his demo.
She was making fun of how he dressed to cook hah

We also saw Rocco - hubby likes him too

Here is Kim, Kathie Lee & Geoffrey

Little Big Town did a concert at 6:30 but we had to
leave before the show began.  But I understand Hoda
showed up.

It was a really fun day.  Gar's mom is almost 90 and
and a real trouper.  She kept right up with us and never
missed a beat.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

What Have We Been Viewing

Our church met as a group to
see War Room !

Oh my goodness what a great movie.
I can't wait until it is out on CD so
I can purchase it and view it again.

We were so blessed to snag 1/2 price
tickets to see Amazing Grace.
Oh my what a play !


The music and wardrobes were magical.

The story so hard historically and yet
it had faith and romance intertwined
in hard hard stuff.

I've also been watching my Cowboys !

Heart broken over Tony Romo but
not losing hope yet.

I have been wanting BIG BIG BIG movie star glasses.
Found some huge ones - can't beat NYC street vendor
$ 5.00  Love em'

Where Have We Been Eating ?

Hubby and I have been trying some
new places to eat.

We had breakfast at a local
Crepe joint in Red Bank.
A local place not far from home.

It is called Whipped Creperie

This is what I had soooo good.

Crepe, Nutella, berries !

We went to a great place called Jacob's Pickles
in NYC.  Oh my gosh so good.

Best Mac & Cheese ever !

And this is their version of a BLT

Bacon, Fried Green Tomato, Slaw, Fried Chicken & Biscuit

Don Giovanni's NYC

Nothing like NYC Pizza !

So blessed to live so close to NYC and get to try so
many delicious places.

I did a little baking for our churches annual bake goods sale.

Apple Cinnamon Cake

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Adoption Time

Hubby and I have been waiting to adopt a few kitties.
We kept waiting for the perfect time.  What if we move?
Should we wait.  Time was going bye.  I suddenly decided
why are we waiting?  Life is too short. Let's just adopt.

We looked on a few rescue websites and found these two:

This is Sam  3 months old

This is Vic  5 months old
Are they not precious?

So we filled out our adoption paperwork and
got approved !   On Saturday we were off to
Petsmart to meet them.

Drove them home and before you knew it
Vic (who we renamed Judah) after Lion of Judah
 was right at home.

He wanted to be right by Gary.

Right at home here within hours

Maryellen Azarian's photo.

Sam (who we renamed Percy) after Gary's
dearly loved Grandfather was hiding under
the bed.  It was killing Gary to have poor Percy
scared under the bed.  Gary played with the
toys until slowly Percy made an appearance.
That was all it took - from that minute on
Percy was at home too!

Here are a ton of photos - life with kitties:

Judah enjoying laying by the window.

How about a nap?

Upside down and comfy !

We have a lot of toys - Mom heard it will prevent us
from getting into too much trouble.

Not sure it worked though because this dripping
faucet sure has my attention !

What is going on outside?

Percy loves to play !

Here I am with my Mom - she was a dog person until
I came along - changed her mind about us.

I love my brother, we are besties !
Even if we wrestle sometimes.

Percy likes the window view also even though he is
still to small to jump up himself.

Buddies !

Mom's watching TV and we are watching the Moon.

Side by side sleepy boys

Side by side nosey boys

Judah is a Mom's boy and Percy is a Daddy's boy !

Percy loves his house

Scratching post

I love to play with fishing pole

I'm not sure we have enough toys ?  hah

Napping with Dad

Sleepy Judah

Sleepy Percy

Percy your suppose to be on top of your toy silly kitty.

That's they way Judah
Where oh where is Judah  ????


bye bye  meow ~ meow