Saturday, September 5, 2015

Adoption Time

Hubby and I have been waiting to adopt a few kitties.
We kept waiting for the perfect time.  What if we move?
Should we wait.  Time was going bye.  I suddenly decided
why are we waiting?  Life is too short. Let's just adopt.

We looked on a few rescue websites and found these two:

This is Sam  3 months old

This is Vic  5 months old
Are they not precious?

So we filled out our adoption paperwork and
got approved !   On Saturday we were off to
Petsmart to meet them.

Drove them home and before you knew it
Vic (who we renamed Judah) after Lion of Judah
 was right at home.

He wanted to be right by Gary.

Right at home here within hours

Maryellen Azarian's photo.

Sam (who we renamed Percy) after Gary's
dearly loved Grandfather was hiding under
the bed.  It was killing Gary to have poor Percy
scared under the bed.  Gary played with the
toys until slowly Percy made an appearance.
That was all it took - from that minute on
Percy was at home too!

Here are a ton of photos - life with kitties:

Judah enjoying laying by the window.

How about a nap?

Upside down and comfy !

We have a lot of toys - Mom heard it will prevent us
from getting into too much trouble.

Not sure it worked though because this dripping
faucet sure has my attention !

What is going on outside?

Percy loves to play !

Here I am with my Mom - she was a dog person until
I came along - changed her mind about us.

I love my brother, we are besties !
Even if we wrestle sometimes.

Percy likes the window view also even though he is
still to small to jump up himself.

Buddies !

Mom's watching TV and we are watching the Moon.

Side by side sleepy boys

Side by side nosey boys

Judah is a Mom's boy and Percy is a Daddy's boy !

Percy loves his house

Scratching post

I love to play with fishing pole

I'm not sure we have enough toys ?  hah

Napping with Dad

Sleepy Judah

Sleepy Percy

Percy your suppose to be on top of your toy silly kitty.

That's they way Judah
Where oh where is Judah  ????


bye bye  meow ~ meow

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