Friday, December 30, 2016

December 2016

It's been a different kind of Christmas this year.
My dear mother in law Mary had a stroke and
is very ill.  We have been praying for her recovery
but at 91 it was very hard for her. She passed
away today.

Hubby and I inter-mixed holiday cheer with

We were blessed to see Josh Groban in a
Broadway play.  It was wonderful.

We had a blessed Christmas together:

Hubby bought me some thoughtful gifts:

Hubby bought me this in memory of my sweet westie in Heaven

He got me this Precious Moments ornament

Hubby is a huge Flintstone fan so I had this made
for him.  He and I as the Flintstones. HAH

Here is a photo of my husband parents.
Puzant and Mary

Looking forward to a great New Year !

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Welcome December 2016

I love December !








Didn't start out so well but it ended well hah

Our new 2016 Cat free (hopefully) tree

The stocking are hung:

This year I am seeing these red trucks everywhere
Love them ~ found Christmas card labels and these towels

2016 Christmas Card

Hubby and I did our annual trip to Byers Choice in PA

New this year Reindeer

Love this tree reminds me
of Colonial Williamsburg, VA

My very own Charles Dickens

Love my Gingerbread

This year we purchased the little
Snowman Angel

We also purchased 2 kitties to go with our
Westie ~ now we have all my furbabies

      Sollie                        Judah               Percy

Then I went to our annual Christmas dinner at
Americas Keswick. 

I have been blessed to go for over 20 years with
the same girlfriends.

This is their Trees of Christmas
Each tree is decorated about Jesus

The Prince of Peace

The Bread of Life

The King of Kings

The Good Shepherd

The Door

The Bright and Morning Star

The Resurrection and Life

The Lion of Judah

Home For the Holidays

The Bridegroom

And there are so many more . . .

Snowmen fun !

What else is happening in December?

My boys are still crazy hah

And my Cowboys are still winning !  yippee yippee

It's a wrap . . .

Thursday, November 24, 2016

WOW can it be I haven't posted since Sept?
Things have been a bit crazy.

Let's see if I can catch up a bit.
I turned 57 in October.
Can't believe it hah

Then we celebrated 9 years married !

We have been busy searching for a new apartment.
But now we think we may look to purchase a condo.
Still waiting on the Lord's leading.

I had a vacation week so Hubby and I drove to
Fishkill NY to look at the trees one of the days.

I love the fall . . .

Castle way up high on the mountain

We stopped at a beautiful park

Then we had some sad and challenging news.
My dear mother in law Mary had a stroke and
needed surgery.  Thankfully she survived
the surgery she is 91.  She is in rehab trying
to recover.  We are praying for her.

This was her last year when we celebrated her
90th birthday in the Catskills in upstate NY.

Then during this trial my husband has had a cough
that won't quit.  We went to the doctor and
ended up in the emergency room.  They found
nodules on his lungs ( no he has never smoked)
He has an appointment on 12/07 to find out
what they are consisting of. We are praying
for him as well.  We trust in the Lord and
know He has both of them in His hands.

Last week I went on retreat with
my Aunt for her church GBF.

The retreat was at Harvey Cedars in South NJ
It is a summer town so it was quiet in November.

We were blessed with warm weather
even though it is November.

Sunrise !

Here I am outside our room


It is just plain gorgeous there

Here is our group

This is Darlene our speaker & Laura our worship leader.

Darlene is a Potter and spoke to us on the
bible regarding God is our Potter and
we are the Clay.
Here I am with Aunt Rose and dear friend

Oh my gosh we laughed the whole weekend !
Inline image
Here are some other dear ladies from the retreat
Our friends Kelly and Denise they are sisters
This is Trish, Pastors wife, friend Karen, Joan and Cheryl.
These ladies set up the whole retreat and did an awesome
job.  Karen is our bible study leader on my Tuesday study.

This is Lorraine who is a riot, Marilyn who's son is an
amazing missionary in Japan, Joyce who is a fellow dog
lover and Helene who I just met a recent widow and
a kind lady.

On our free time we drove down to the Barnegat
Light House

It was a blessed, blessed retreat.

Today we had Thanksgiving !

We spent it with my mother-in-law
at the rehab.  His cousins brought
the full turkey meal and we
enjoyed our time with her.

I baked some pumpkin cookies
using my temptations cookie sheets
which I love they don't stick and
my cute cat spatula my hubby bought me.

Now for some very random posts:

I also made a meatloaf in my temptations loaf pan.
It turned out wonderful. 

How cute is this hat.  Dollar Tree special. $ 1.00
can you stand it.

Love snowmen and snowman cup from Wawa.
Also love the hubby who treated me to a coffee
before I was out of my PJ's.

And I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan.
This Jersey girl loves her Cowboys.
They are doing so great ! Such a fun year for us fans.

And finally what have our "boys" been up to?
Mostly trouble . . . hah

Trying to put away summer clothes. But had this helper.

The boys got kitty sticks with cat nip.


Don't let that angel face fool you !

 Fresh boy !

Found a new place to jump UGH

Always in trouble

But such a snuggle bug can't get mad at him hah

Well, that should catch me up a bit.

Looking forward to Christmas . . .