Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Welcome December 2016

I love December !








Didn't start out so well but it ended well hah

Our new 2016 Cat free (hopefully) tree

The stocking are hung:

This year I am seeing these red trucks everywhere
Love them ~ found Christmas card labels and these towels

2016 Christmas Card

Hubby and I did our annual trip to Byers Choice in PA

New this year Reindeer

Love this tree reminds me
of Colonial Williamsburg, VA

My very own Charles Dickens

Love my Gingerbread

This year we purchased the little
Snowman Angel

We also purchased 2 kitties to go with our
Westie ~ now we have all my furbabies

      Sollie                        Judah               Percy

Then I went to our annual Christmas dinner at
Americas Keswick. 

I have been blessed to go for over 20 years with
the same girlfriends.

This is their Trees of Christmas
Each tree is decorated about Jesus

The Prince of Peace

The Bread of Life

The King of Kings

The Good Shepherd

The Door

The Bright and Morning Star

The Resurrection and Life

The Lion of Judah

Home For the Holidays

The Bridegroom

And there are so many more . . .

Snowmen fun !

What else is happening in December?

My boys are still crazy hah

And my Cowboys are still winning !  yippee yippee

It's a wrap . . .

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