Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Hubby ~ Best Friend

Today's is my sweet husbands birthday.


He wanted this QVC
In The Kitchen With David apron
He is the chef of the family

He also wanted this new DVD & CD of Elvis
He was at this performance and hopes to hear
himself yelling with the crowd hah


Gar after 5 1/2 years of marriage these are the
things I have learned about you:

1) you are the most consistent steady man
2) you are very disciplined in your choices
3) you are faithful to a fault
4) you are so trusting in the Lord and His leading
5) you are very patient
6) you are kind, gentle and compassionate
7) you are a hard worker
8) you are Godly man
9) you love your "children" you teach &
                      are love by each of them
10) you are a great husband, friend & soul mate

Here's an adorable Flinstone cake for you ! ! !


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

President's Day ~ Get Away


I wanted to visit a store I heard
about on a sweet blog called
 "Bless Our Nest"

The store is:  World Market

I went on line and the nearest one to us
was in Rockville MD.

Hubby is always game for a ride and
we both had Monday off work.
So off we go !

road trip!

We both had responsibilities at church
so we left on Sunday right after service.

After a crazy drive.  Bright sunshine one
minute, snow squalls the next. Two traffic
jams from car accidents, we arrived in Maryland
and checked into our hotel.  By then it was
time for dinner.

Hubby did he research and found this wonderful
restaurant called, Clyde's Tower Oak Lodge

It was so beautiful inside.
It felt like you were in the Adirondacks in a
beautiful cabin. Huge fireplace.

 I love the way they served the water.
One of these neat old pitchers at each table.

This is my Caesar salad. Really good and different.

You just cannot beat a crab cake from Maryland.
It was so good.  Just full of crab meat.
I savored every bite. hah


Here are a few photos from the internet of the lodge.



The next morning we headed to breakfast and the
town center.  This place had great food too.

I love an avocado benedict.

This is the town square.

Hubby found out that Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald's
grave was nearby so we stopped for some photos.

It was freezing cold 28 degrees.


Then off to World Market

I purchased this sweet cooke jar.
Love the color pink.


I could not resist these little dishes.
Dash~Pinch~Smidgen hah


Hubby is a huge tea drinker, so
I treated him to this neat tea.
Love the container.

After shopping it was time to hit the
road back to NJ.  This time the ride
was a breeze ~ no snow squalls,
accidents or traffic jams.
About an hour from home we stopped
for a couple of these:
Great ending to a wonderful road trip.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

My hubby asked me if there was anything
in particular I wanted for Valentines Day.
I told hubby I wanted pink violets this year.
I have purple violet plant that I have had
for years.  It is such an easy plant to care for.
It just blooms and blooms continually.
It is so nice to always have flowers in my home.
Year round. Here it is the middle of Feb
and that old violet plant just is full of flowers.
It has pretty purple flowers.

Since I love the color pink I thought a
nice pink violet plant from my hubby
would mean so much.
Especially if it blooms like the purple one
and lasts and lasts.

He came through for me!
This one is really pink, looks purple in photo.

This one is different. A pretty blue.
I am going to take this one to work and
see how it does on my desk.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines Gifts for My Valentine

My hubby is a big fan of the Flintstones.
I wanted to make him something special.
I found this great photo and added two
pennies from the year we met and the year we married.


Then I found this vintage cup on ebay.
I think he'll love it.
I figure he can put his coins or paperclips in it.

And can't have valentines day without chocolate.
His favorite candy !

But most important is God's love our perfect


Abundant Blessings,


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Church Bake Sale

Photo: Don't forget tomorrow is our WOW Ministry's Bake Sale after service. All proceeds go toward church bills.

We are having our annual Feb Bake Sale at church tomorrow.
I made these Strawberry Chocolate cupcakes.

WOW they are delicious

I made this one special for my hubby.
Mad 4 You and My Hero

He is a tough food critic and he gave them a thumbs up !

Abundant Blessings,

Snow Storm 2013

Woke up to this out my window.
My sweet hubby and dear Uncle Mike up early
and diggin me out !    A few good men !

We had about 8 inches of snow I would guess.
Cars?  Under there somewhere hah
I got dressed and went out and helped my sweet
hubs by cleaning off our cars. He was working so
hard I wanted to do my part ~
A man who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains
favor from the LORD.  Proverbs 18:22

Thank you sweetie !  Your the best !

He is so cute ! 
It's a good day to snuggle in and watch my QVC !
Every Saturday I love watching my favorite QVC
gal Leah.  She is so sweet and fun !
Just a total class act.


And oh the joy to find out they have added an
extra hour!  She is now doing AM Beauty
before AM Style !    YEAH


Here is an old photo of me with
"cardboard Leah" at QVC Studios HAH
I have to bake a cake today for our
ladies ministry bake sale.
I am making a cake I found on line.
Brownie Strawberry cake.
You add brownie mix to bottom,
then layer with strawberry cake mix
then bake !  
I am going to frost it with white icing
and add some of these to make it festive !

I am going to use some of my new
Pampered Chef tools.
I love Pampered Chef items.
They last forever !



Let's hope my cake sells ; )
This year one of my resolutions is
to do a "read your bible through the year"
This is the one I am doing.
It really has been great.
So far I have completed:
Genesis, Romans and almost
through Isaiah and Mark.

Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You.

Psalm 119:11

How cute is my bible cover.
I have to admit I am a bible cover nut.
I have had ton's over the years.
I just could not find the "one"
I found this style on Etsy and this dear
lady made it the colors I selected.
I love love the brown.
I love love polka dots
I love love the pink ruffle.
I think I've found my "life long" cover now hah

The roads seem to be clearing so
later tonight hubby and I will head out
to dinner ~  not sure where just yet.
He actually asks me wait to decide
because he needs to digest his breakfast first.
hah ~ not me, I can think about dinner while
eating breakfast hah hah

Abundant Blessings,