Tuesday, February 19, 2013

President's Day ~ Get Away


I wanted to visit a store I heard
about on a sweet blog called
 "Bless Our Nest"

The store is:  World Market

I went on line and the nearest one to us
was in Rockville MD.

Hubby is always game for a ride and
we both had Monday off work.
So off we go !

road trip!

We both had responsibilities at church
so we left on Sunday right after service.

After a crazy drive.  Bright sunshine one
minute, snow squalls the next. Two traffic
jams from car accidents, we arrived in Maryland
and checked into our hotel.  By then it was
time for dinner.

Hubby did he research and found this wonderful
restaurant called, Clyde's Tower Oak Lodge

It was so beautiful inside.
It felt like you were in the Adirondacks in a
beautiful cabin. Huge fireplace.

 I love the way they served the water.
One of these neat old pitchers at each table.

This is my Caesar salad. Really good and different.

You just cannot beat a crab cake from Maryland.
It was so good.  Just full of crab meat.
I savored every bite. hah


Here are a few photos from the internet of the lodge.



The next morning we headed to breakfast and the
town center.  This place had great food too.

I love an avocado benedict.

This is the town square.

Hubby found out that Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald's
grave was nearby so we stopped for some photos.

It was freezing cold 28 degrees.


Then off to World Market

I purchased this sweet cooke jar.
Love the color pink.


I could not resist these little dishes.
Dash~Pinch~Smidgen hah


Hubby is a huge tea drinker, so
I treated him to this neat tea.
Love the container.

After shopping it was time to hit the
road back to NJ.  This time the ride
was a breeze ~ no snow squalls,
accidents or traffic jams.
About an hour from home we stopped
for a couple of these:
Great ending to a wonderful road trip.

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