Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

My hubby asked me if there was anything
in particular I wanted for Valentines Day.
I told hubby I wanted pink violets this year.
I have purple violet plant that I have had
for years.  It is such an easy plant to care for.
It just blooms and blooms continually.
It is so nice to always have flowers in my home.
Year round. Here it is the middle of Feb
and that old violet plant just is full of flowers.
It has pretty purple flowers.

Since I love the color pink I thought a
nice pink violet plant from my hubby
would mean so much.
Especially if it blooms like the purple one
and lasts and lasts.

He came through for me!
This one is really pink, looks purple in photo.

This one is different. A pretty blue.
I am going to take this one to work and
see how it does on my desk.

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