Sunday, April 3, 2016

Resurrection Day - Happy Easter

Happy Resurrection Day

He is Risen indeed !

We were invited by Aunt Rose (horak’uyr) 
to Buon Amici for Easter lunch in White Plains NY.
They have delicious Italian food.

We always play the Armenian Egg Game.
Here is the custom behind the game:

"Following the crucifixion on Good Friday, the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ was wrapped in a white shroud and placed inside a rock-hewn tomb. The front of the tomb was sealed with a heavy stone, and because it was the Sabbath, the disciples were not able to embalm the body properly. Early on Sunday in the morning, women came out to the tomb hoping to complete the burial, but they were astonished to see that the stone in front of the tomb had been cracked open. When they entered the tomb, they saw the emptied shroud, and were told by the angels that Jesus was not there. He is risen!

As Armenians commemorate the miracle of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, we exchange the joy with our family and friends by re-enacting the amazing discovery of the emptied tomb on that first Easter. Traditionally, we use onion skins to dye boiled eggs a rich red color (signifying the blood of Christ). The exterior of the hard boiled egg represents the tomb which contained the crucified Body of our Lord. Holding the egg in our right hand, we greet one another saying, “Christ is risen from the dead!” and the others answer, “Blessed is the Resurrection of Christ!” Then, one person strikes the top of the other person’s egg to re-create the sound of that “crack” which opened the tomb. As we remove the shell, we see the egg white which recalls the burial shroud. Then, we remove the shroud to reveal the golden joy of Life, Hope and Resurrection symbolized by the yolk.

May the joyfulness of this Armenian tradition of cracking eggs perpetuate the glory of the Resurrection in our lives on this day and always.

Our boys received their Easter Baskets:

They were thrilled hah

Hubby and I were both scheduled for
Sunday School he as the teacher and me
as the Principal.

They had the children do an egg hunt and
some of the eggs had money (coins)

The Sunday school children support two
Compassion Int'l children.  We have coffee cut
tins with the children's faces and they brings
coins to help support.

They were then told that they could do the
following with the money found in the Easter eggs.
1 Keep the money
2 Donate some of the money
3 Donate all of the money

They should do what they feel God
would want them to do.

Let me tell you, when I heard the change dropping
into those tin cans for the Compassion children it
brought tears to my eyes.  To see children ages
K-6 grade giving out of their own choices and
decision was wonderful.

He is Risen Indeed ! ! !

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