Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Judah Caleb Azarian Birthday Number One

I can't believe my boy is ONE !

Here you are ready to celebrate with Mom.

You are the sweetest boy Judah.
You are a real snuggle bug.
You love to snuggle and kneed with Mom at night.
You just crawl right on to my shoulder every night and
sleep for a few hours.

You love to have treats and Dad says you go to the door
at 6 pm and cry for Mom to come home from work.

You are a rascal and very curious and like to climb on
everything.  You love to watch the snow fall, the birds
on the wires and anything that moves.  You don't play
as much with your toys as your brother Percy. You are
quite a big more hyper then him and you get bored
very fast.  You like your Dad but you LOVE your Mom !

No more boring "kitten" food that only comes in two
flavors . . .  bring on the variety.  You loved it.

Yum Yum Yum

New mice to play with

You shared with little brother.

You are a good boy !


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