Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

I had a lovely Memorial day.
Started off with a wonderful breakfast
at a local place we both love.

Turning Point ~ they have the freshest
delicious food.

We seem to always get the same table by
the window. It was nice today we got to see
some of the little local parade while we ate.


After breakfast hubby did some shopping and
I wanted to get some stuff done in our home.
I clean both our cars (I'm a fanatic about a
clean car)  hah

I am also a nick knack nut and at times I can
get a bit carried away. So I tried to let go
of some of it and downside a bit.

I went through some of our million books
and will donate them to a co-workers church.
They have a pretty large library.

Hubby came home and I had some candles burning
both were called cotton and they have a nice
clean smell.  But after awhile I started to smell
something really good. I kept thinking man those
candles smell good.  Turns out hubby was baking!


I've resisted for the past two days to get
my McDonald Cafe Mocha because they are
pretty fattening but today was the day to
celebrate. So I ran to our locate McDs' . . .

Hubby had blueberry pomegranate

I loved the show SMASH.
Can't believe they cancelled it.
Every time I like a show it gets cancelled. ;o(
It was just getting good. They never
give these shows a chance to get momentum.
Drives me crazy.
But I watched the two hour finale.
It did not disappoint.


I also watched a video by Lysa Turkuerst.
I love her.  It was her Mother's Day talk
at her church.  It was so good.
She always is so good.


She spoke about replacing our BUTS
with Therefore . . .

I'm a child of God (but) THEREFORE  . . .
every word in God's book is "there for" me

Then hubby cooked a wonderful Memorial Day
dinner. It has become a tradition for us
to relax at home and make our own little BBQ.

Yum that Shickhouse hot dog is so good.
I can't have hot dogs very often due to the
salt and my BP. So when I get to have one ~
I really have one and enjoy every bite.

Since I already had quite a few calories today
I will pass on hubby's apple pie and enjoy
my Skinny Cow mint ice cream.


And last but certainly not least the
real reason for this holiday.

Thank you for our servicemen and women.

There is no greater love than to lay down one's life
for one's friends.
John 15:13


God Bless America
Home of the Free !


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