Sunday, June 9, 2013

Busy Fun Weekend

The weather was just beautiful this weekend.
After a crazy rainy, flooding day on Friday.

After early rise for laundry and breakfast at
Perkins ~ hubby and I headed to visit our
friends Bob and Cindy.  Their son David was
having his last game of baseball for the season.

David is 10 years old and becoming quite the
little ball player.  He got a hit and threw someone
out at home plate.  Way to go David !

It was Bob's birthday last week so they
invited us out to dinner at Longhorns.
I usually get ribs at Outback but I thought I'd
give theirs a try. WOW sorry Outback I think
they have you beat.  They were really good with
that loaded Idaho baked potato ~ Oh my !
Hubby had steak and shrimp. He just has to
throw in seafood to every meal. hah
Today we had a great day of worship at our
church. Spent some time visiting our friends
Steve & Simone then we were off to the
annual Armenian pic nic at my mother-in-laws
I look forward to this every year.
The food is so good.  This is similar to
what we ate.
Lulu kabob, chicken kabob, rich,
roasted peppers & tomatoes.

We head home to watch the Tony Awards
I'm a huge fan of Kathie Lee and we saw
the play Scandalous. It was awesome.
Didn't get a fair shake in the media of course.
Praying Carolee wins the Tony.
She was incredible in the play.

and our favorite summer show.
The Next Food network Star !
We haven't chosen our favorite yet but
it gets pretty darn competitive in our
household hah
So far hubby has won multiple seasons
and my favorites don't cut the mustard hah
I want Ippy to win the cute guy with the
huge smile from Hawaii ~ he didn't :/
Look at that big Mahalo smile !
 I wanted Jeffrey to win - he didn't
but he did get a show on
The Cooking Channel

Hubby has a knack and can always
pick the winner ~  NOT this year hah
I just wanted to post to say I am
SOOOO proud of my hubby.
He has been teaching sunday school
for 30 plus years.  Today one of
his students from years ago who
now has children of her own was
visiting from Florida.
She comes every summer to visit
her parents who still live in NJ.
She told me that her daughter
was more excited about going
to sunday school and having
Gary as her teacher then her
trip to NJ hah  She said,
she asked her, multiple times
Gary is my teacher right?
Did you check the schedule?
SO proud of HIM !
He truly has a gift from the Lord
with children.

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