Sunday, June 23, 2013

Grace Bible Fellowship Ladies Retreat 2013

This weekend I attended my Aunt's churches
Ladies Retreat.  We went to Tuscarora PA.
It is right on the Delaware River and just a
beautiful campus.

First a quick bite for lunch before we got
on the road.  It is about 1 3/4 hour ride
from NJ.

Aunt Rose

Yours truly hah

Tuscarora Reservation Lobby
The grounds are so beautiful

Lovely deck over looking the Delaware River.

Loved the view having my first cup of coffee

I love this flower thingy ! 

This spot was peaceful and lovely.
Right outside the dinner hall.

Here is the dinner hall.
The food was great too.
Friday night: buffet with delicious ham, fried chicken,
Asian chicken, macaroni & cheese.
Dessert chocolate moose
Saturday breakfast: eggs, bacon, hash browns
cereal, oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, bagels
Saturday lunch: Lasagna that was amazing.
Salad bar
Dinner Saturday: London Broil with mushrooms
and onions, baked potato, veggies
Dessert Lemon pie
Sunday breakfast: french toast, sausage,
cereal, oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, bagels
You did not go hungry !

Love this little area right across from the
fountain. Great spot in the shade to relax.

This was our Lodge.
Our room

Lovely sign on each ladies door.
This was our weekend verse & topic.
Each lady received this lovely gift.

I attended GBF until I got married and
joined my husbands fellowship.

They have a beautiful pool on the grounds.

I loved walking this path to our conference
room several times a day.
The hanging baskets were lovely along the way.

Last night we had a bonfire with smores


They have a lovely bookstore on the grounds.


I picked up this book, can't wait
to dig into it.
The pretty cross bookmark was
made by a lovely lady names Doris.
She is an amazing servant of Christ.
She has a sweet daughter Heather
who is very ill with seizures and
Doris lovingly cares for her needs.
It is a 24/7 job as Heather is
unable to really do anything for herself.

Having a little fun!

This young gal Dez Childs lead worship.
She was fantastic! What an amazing voice.
My Aunts Pastor's daughter was our teacher.
She is an amazing young women of God.
Julie Colbeth. She is a mom to two little ones.
A boy and a girl. She has been on mission trips
and she and her husband are praying about
going to the mission field to New Zealand.


 If you ever have the opportunity to go
to Tuscarora please do.


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