Friday, May 17, 2013

New Crocs & Giving

Hubby and I went to the Jersey Premium Outlets today.
It is a fairly new outlet mall and it is so nice.
It's only about 20 minutes from our home.

I needed a new pair of crocs.

I still love them...
I enjoy the colors, the comfort of them.
Not sure if they are still "cool or popular"
but that is one of the joys of aging . . .
you just don't care !
You buy and wear what you like in style or not. hah

I love my jizbits ~  Winnie the pooh, Minnie mouse,
love her pink polka dotted bow, a lady bug and a pink
paw for my Solomon . . .


 As I was being rung up my hubby noticed a box
behind the cashier full of crocs.
He said, Oh you can donate your old crocs and they
will send them to people who have no shoes.
I was delighted to trade in my old pair for my new pair.
My old pair was used but still in usable shape.
I really wanted a pair of black crocs when I previously
had blue. 
It was so good to be able to donate !
Crocs Cares℠ Donates More Than 14,000 Pairs of Shoes In Peru
For dinner tonight we went to Carrabba's

I had the chicken Marsala and sauteed spinach.
Oh my gosh it was so good!
Best chicken Marsala I ever had.


I've been trying to change my eating for
better choices ~ I've lost 2 lbs so far.
Just started 4 days ago so I am thrilled.
I am using a website I saw on
Kathie Lee & Hoda .
Called  "Lose It"
It is FREE and helps you track calories.
I really like it so far.

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