Sunday, May 19, 2013

Remembering Uncle George

Today we went to a
Hokihankisd Memorial Service
which is a 40 day memorial
after a loved one dies.
It is something they do in the
Armenian church where my
in-laws attend.

This is my husbands Uncle George
who passed away 40 days a go.
He was a great man.


His dear wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's
very, very young and he
lovingly took care of her in the home
for years and years until she required
more help then he could provide.
Faithful loving husband. I so admire
his devotion to her.
I remember the first event I went to
at my husbands family was a picnic and
Uncle George had just gotten out of the
hospital and was sitting in the shade.
His family as a "break into the fold"
had me bring Uncle George his meal.
I was so nervous. I had never met Uncle
George.  He was kind and charming.
He told me all his jokes and he was quite
the character.
We miss him.  :( 
But are glad he and his dear wife
are reunited and healed and whole.
After the service we went to lunch.

I love Greek Food!


Spinach pie appetizers ! YUM

Fantastic pita break



Feta and Olives


Chicken Gyro


They have the best french fries
they are seasoned so delicious.


Tahani sauce love it !


It was a special day !

Gar's cousin Donna is a wonderful
baker. She has a cake business.
She made the deserts.
Baklava (sorry not a fan)
But hubby loves them.

Brownies ~ oh yes a fan !


We'll miss you Uncle George
See you in Heaven one day !

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