Friday, May 6, 2011

Cape Cod Vacation

My husband and I love to travel. It was hard to select a favorite place. Since we've been together we've traveled to Alaska, Kansas, Colorado, Vermont, Branson, MO, Georgia, Maryland, Delaware, South Carolina, North Carolina, Upstate NY, Seattle WA, San Antonio TX, Washington DC & Maine . . . and we've only been married 4 years LOL     Yes we love to travel . . .

Last summer we visited Cape Cod and it was a blast.

 We took the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard.  Love the little shops and the neat towns.
 We visited the JFK Museum.  Amazing photos and even a tribute to JFK Jr.  A very touching statue of a older JFK with JFK Jr. walking along together.  Had he not be assassinated.  What might have been . . .
 Wonderful breakfast restaurant.  They sure had great pancakes at the Pancake Man LOL
 They had the neatest little cars.  Reminded me of my old VW Beetle.
Cape Cod is a great place to visit.  Summer or fall.  Especially if you like boating and summer sports.
In the fall the trees are just spectacular. 

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  1. Found your post about the Cape on "Kelly's Korner" - its nice to see that people enjoy vacationing where I live :)

    Hope you visit again soon!