Friday, February 27, 2009

Finally Friday

So glad it is Friday. Had a hard week. Work was very busy. Not complaining, I am so thankful to have a job. I know so many folks are struggling. We are expecting rain, snow, sleet this weekend. Sounds like a good one to snuggle in and enjoy some home time. I am looking forward to Spring but looks like Mr. Winter wants to hang on just a bit more. That's okay it will make Spring that much sweeter. My doggie Solomon is really enjoying his new bed. He is not longer able to sleep with me and my new hubby. He tends to snap and nip if you accidentally touch him in his sleep. I am use to it after 11 1/2 years with him but my hubby isn't. Don't want him to get nipped by Sollie. hah So, we won a great big new bed on ebay for him. He actually loves it. Which was a real relief. I wasn't sure if he would take to a bed at his age. Have a wonderful weekend !

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