Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Celebrate Life

I attended the 2011 Annual Fundraising Banquet for our local Pregnancy Center. These ladies do such wonderful work !  62 babies were saved from abortion in 2010 ! 

We had a wonderful speaker a Pastor from Philadelphia Rev Dr Herbert Lusk  Powerful !
He was a former NFL player for the Eagles until the Lord called him to preach.

A young Christian girl gave her testimony of becoming pregnant and secretly going to take the abortion pill. Not realzing it wasn't just one pill but several over a period of days. After a sleepness night after taking the first pill crying for her child she turned to her Mom and they headed to Solutions. Normally the child would have died from the first pill but after the ultra-sound there was still a heart beat.  9 months later she gave birth to a precious baby boy - a real MIRACLE!  He was at the banquet so cute, bright red hair. We know the Lord has big plans for this precious one.

I'll end today's blog with these powerful words from this song written and sung at the banquet.

Cast Away

You still can't forget about me
as you count how old I would be
and yet after all these years thoughts of me
still bring you tears.

I wish you would have known then
that the Grace of God would see you through.

Cast away, cast away there was no way for me to say,
Please don't just cast my life away.

I missed the soft touch of your hand
and building castles in the sand
and to see spring in full bloom.

But life was taken all too soon for me
to see the stars above
or to know the feelings of true love.

It's too late for me now, I know,
but there's still time left for you
to show that you've made a mistake
and that life's not ours to take.

Speak for me I pray and tell them
before it's too late.

Written by Jackie Risden

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