Saturday, July 19, 2014

Grounds for Sculpture - Seward Johnson - The Retrospective

Hubby and I went to see some sculptures most of
them by Seward Johnson. It is an exhibit
in Trenton NJ called Grounds for Sculpture.

It was such a fun day !

The statues were so neat.

911 Memorial
My hubby said this was my Aunt Rose in her garden.
These two were really cool.

Do you believe how BIG this is?
See how small I appear.
You can see from this cropped photo
how large it really is
You walk around the grounds and you can't tell who
is real and who is not. hah
Gar and I each had our own opinion of this one.
I thought the little guy looked like the
burgermeister meisterburger hah
Gar thought the big head looked like
Thurston Howell from Gilligans Island.
You can tell me are experts in the art world. hah
My hubby is crazy ~ joining himself in with the
statues hah
I decided to join in the fun ! 
This one is for our good friend Steve.
Not sure what these represent but they were pretty. hah
Several more . . .


The children were so cute !

Marilyn is another huge one.
See the cool photo below how it is transported.

Oh that Gary - he just couldn't help himself. hah
I asked him what they are in line for? Is it the
men's room. Can't be, they never have a line.
Right girls? hah
This one is my favorite - Abe Lincoln
This one is Gar's favorite.
Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa
The grounds were beautiful.
You would walk in and out of the woods.
Around the lake and through paths.
Really enjoyable

It was a blessed day.
And I got lots and lots of exercise HAH
Doing a program at work called
"Move your MASS" 
So definitely moved my MASS today : )

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