Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's a Kitten's Life

So what has life lately been
like for two kittens?

Judah - age 7 months
Percy - age 5 months

Let's see what they have
to say: 

Narrated by Judah & Percy

Percy says, "I am very curious about this snow globe.
It plays Christmas songs really loud &
just snows and snows and snows . . ."

Judah says, "Mom insists I get in the holiday spirit."
"What do you think?"

Percy says, "When I am tired I am tired."

Judah says, "I am so handsome agree?"

Percy says, "I have this man wrapped
around my finger."

Judah says, "I'm hiding in here to go to work with Mom."

Judah & Percy say, "We are in big trouble once
Mom turns around and see this !"

Percy says, "Here's to the good life!"

Judah says,   "Dad will not find me here."

Percy says, "They will never find my hiding place."

Percy says,  "Oh cool - I can actually lay down and drink!"

Judah says, "What the heck does Mom do all those
hours in her office?" "Let me peek and see."

Judah says,  "Percy there is plenty of room."
Percy says,   "Yeah right !"

Judah says, "Napping with Mom is great!"

Well that is life lately with us . . . see you all soon.

Judah meow  and Percy  meow

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