Sunday, February 14, 2016

Life Lately . . . Broadway, Shopping, Superbowl & Valentines . . .

Hubby wanted to see Kelsey Grammer
on Broadway so I treated him for his
upcoming birthday.

The play was wonderful.
The music just beautiful.

This was the sunset driving home from NYC tonight.


We finally got to visit QVC outlet
with my Aunt.  Had to cancel in
January due to the blizzard.

They had Dooney & Bourke purses
on sale.  $ 99.00

Found this adorable PINK one.

Last weekend we enjoyed the Superbowl.

I'm a Cowboys fan and made this little knit hat
We'll there is always next year.

Hubby made delicious chicken wings

I made corn bread & chili


This boy wasn't too excited about the game

Valentines Day

We bought the boys valentines babies
LION for Judah and Heggie Hog for Percy
I always try to remember my single lady friends
and this year I sent them all this:
Hubby and I headed to worship then to brunch.

Then we headed to Irvington NY to MP Taverna
We love this place.  Michael Psilakis is the owner.

Calamari, chick peas and cauliflower . . . delicious

Greek Salad

Lemon Chicken

Hubby's Dessert - Grilled pineapple, feta and honey

My dessert  -  ice cream  2 dark chocolate 1 amaretto

It was 8 degrees out side and the restaurant is on the
Hudson River.  Look at these amazing photos
Can you believe the ice on the sign?

The current was moving the ice so fast it looked like
an iceberg.

Tappan Zee Bridge above and NYC skyline below

How would you like to walk on this sidewalk?

Hubby bought me this beautiful heart ring

He wanted this ?  ha ha  Bless his heart

A lint brush

1 comment:

  1. Looks like some fun times!
    I would never venture out in the ice and such cold...but them I am a wimp! Tee hee!
    The ring sure is pretty! I have always wanted a heart shaped diamond.
    Your purse is cute! Girlie! I like pink...but don't wear much of it. But I do love Valentine's Day...and it makes me happy to just see hearts and flowers, and cards of love...and people appreciating each other!

    Glad you had these fun times together!
    Love, Linda