Sunday, March 12, 2017

Catching Up

WOW I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long.

We have been so busy helping my sister in law
with the sale of their Mom's co-op.

It was hard to go through all her things.
She was quite the lady.
Here is a photo from when my
husband was young. 

We worked hard and got the co-op ready
to put on the market. 

We were blessed that we got an interested buyer
almost immediately.

It is a lovely co-op in a great area.

We shared many happy times in this apartment.

I have been doing some cooking.

We had Culture Diversity Day at work so I made an
Armenian dish called Eetch.

Armenian Float in the Rose Parade.

Last week I made a lemon cake from Barefoot Contessa.
It was really delicious.

Tonight I made a No Carb Pizza using Cauliflower as the
crust.  It tasted really good.

I would have liked the cauliflower to be firmer like
pizza crust so next time I will make it a bit
thinner so it will crisp up.

What have my "boys" been up too?
Just their normal rascal activities hah

Brothers forever !

Percy in the sink

Judah in the cabinet

Crazy boy

Playing bubbles

Percy trying to roll a bubble hah

Still getting inside any bag they can find

Percy too !

Poor Percy hiding from the ever crazy Judah

Percy with his favorite person ~ DAD

And this boy turned 2 years old !

And he still loves his mother

For valentines day we went to MP Taverna.

We love the food there.

Best chicken ever ! ! ! !

Hubby enjoying his salad

The view of the Hudson

The ride home sky  ~

Hubby was excited. He had a week off work ~
for winter break.

He is a teachers aid for special needs children.

I had to work but he was able to grab a ticket to see
The Chew ! 

He really enjoyed the show.

Hubby and I are looking to purchase a townhouse or condo !

Oh I am so excited.

I have lived in this apt since I was 29.

That's a lot of years.

I am ever so grateful for this affordable

apt all these years but now we need more space.

We just completed the paperwork to get pre-approved
than we will get with our Realtor. 

Trusting the Lord for just the right place He would have for us.

We need to be closer to my husbands job and our church.

This will mean a commute for me but I will be going against
traffic so it will be manageable.

This is our 10 year anniversary so we are
planning a trip to Europe !  

Not 100% sure but right now we are thinking
Italy and Switzerland

Italy ~ can you say "food" and "gelato"  ??

Switzerland  ~ sounds like a dream to me
I am all about "mountains"

Just a few photos of me and the Mr.

Totally random ~  I love pink peonies.
Look at this dress I saw in a window !  
Oh if I was younger and skinnier LOL

I've been doing a new bible study.

I love love love Gwen !

The study is so good and I am only 1/4 of the way there.

She has the coolest hair too!  hah

And I'll close with this great post from Gwen

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  1. glad you are doing well. Your MIL's co-op is beautiful.