Sunday, August 6, 2017

July 2017 Update

What have we been up too?

We went to our dear friends in PA
for Sara's 80th birthday bash

Here is Sara and our dear friend Keith

Cindy and Meredith

Lydie up from Florida

Cliff Sr and Cliff Jr

Sara and all her "children" 5 she birthed and 3 she "adopted"

The grandchildren

Sweet sisters

Sara's 5 children

Jeff and Melissa

Sara and Howie

Mr. Hastings ~ Sara;s boy

Sara and I over the years . . .   43 year friendship

We had a wonderful blessed time.

I met these crazy ladies for dinner at the
Marina in Oceanport NJ 

We saw the sweetest little swan family.

We had a great time at my hubbies cousins BBQ.
The Armenian food was wonderful.

What's up with the BOYS?

Percy still likes his hot tub

Judah is still mischievous

And also darling - fell asleep in Mom's newly cleaned clothes

What I'm looking forward to?

What is coming up fast ?

Made some collages

It's been a great summer so far !

Blessed !

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