Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crazy End of Month Days

Crazy day. So busy at work. You know the end of the month, end of the quarter rush. hah One more day and the new month begins and I can take a sigh of relief. October too! My favorite month. For one it is my birthday month and also my anniversary month. Plus we are going on vacation to Texas in October. Much to look forward too.

Oh my! My little doggie Solomon is very mad at me right now. He is barking and barking. He doesn't understand we can't have dinner until his chicken finishes cooking. hah How do you tell a dog to be patient?

Went to my chiropractor today. Oh what a blessing that is. Helps all those sore muscles from sitting at the desk all day. Does anyone else love the chiropractor?

Well, better run, my Solomon's chicken is almost done . . . Lord know's he doesn't want to wait a minute longer. . . :)

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