Saturday, February 6, 2010

Life Lessons Snow Days

Been absent a bit from my blog. Had a few weekends were I was not feeling too well so I had to rest my neck. I've had a tension headache for 15 days and counting. hah Thank the Lord, it seems to be getting a bit better. I visited my chiropractor and my neck muscles are very tight.

Glad today is a snow day in NJ so I can continue to relax. Fortunately it wasn't a pounding headache just a pressure constant tight feeling in my neck and ears. Not a lot of pain just really an annoying feeling.

Getting ready to take a nap this afternoon and rest some
more. hah Have to be good to myself.

The Lord is doing a great work in me through this tension. I have slowly learned not to let unimportant things stress me. You know the little annoyances.. traffic, rudeness, cell phones. I even calmed down at work. It has sadly become a place of constant pressure and tension. You never know from minute to minute what is happening. But this past week with the Lord's help I have really relaxed. It is all in His hands. One day at a time.

My hubby has been wonderful while I have been ill. He has taken on an extra load and has been very caring and concerned. He is really a blessing.

Life and lessons . . .

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  1. I get tension headaches too (and migraines). I let little things stress me out too... mainly my house always being clean! Ugh! I wish I could let that go! :)

    I'm glad you were able to relax!