Saturday, December 10, 2011

Muppet Mania

Hubby and I started out our day having a wonderful breakfast at a local place called Amy's Omelette's House. Let me tell you they have 220 different omelette's on their menu.

To name a few:

# 82 Southern Jersey  - Pork roll, tomato, onion and american cheese

# 86 Baked Potato - bacon, home fries, sour creme

#130 Irish - corned beef, potato, pepper, onions country style

Here are some others . . .

Polish Cowboy, Belly Buster, Mexican Diablo, and my hubby's favorite:

Sweetie Pie- Strawberry jam, potatoes & cream cheese

Then we did a bit of shopping and headed off to see The Muppet's !

It really is a fun movie.  Silly, funny, brings back memories. Enjoyed the dancing and singing.

I especially enjoyed the relationship between the two brothers below - so sweet.

These guys are just too cute !

My favorites are the two old men!  They just crack me up. Then it dawned on me, I like grouchy old men. hah  Guess that's why I loved Regis and Andy Rooney - just something about them all hah

And last but certainly not least - Miss Piggy   A girl after my own heart stylin' in her PINK

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