Sunday, December 11, 2011

Silver Bells,Silver Bells, it's Christmas Time in NYC . . .

Hubby and I had a very romantic day being a tourist in NYC. Since he was born in the Bronx I have my own tour guide. 

Here are a few photo's from our afternoon . . .

Rockefeller Christmas tree - my goodness it was so busy, just packed with people. This was as close as we could get this year.  So happy to see folks out and enjoying Christmas.
 It really is a beautiful tree - just a perfect shape,

Here's another shot of the tree from across the street.

I loved the window displays at Lord & Tayor

Isn't this snow angel just the cutest?

This is the Bryant Park Christmas Tree. 
It is really beautiful also.

They have a merry-go-round - the children were really enjoy it.

This is Bryant Park's ice rink.  So festive and pretty.
 I love to watch the skaters.

This year they have a really neat restaurant upstairs. 
It looked so good.
People were eating and had a great view of the skaters.
 You could see all the candles on the tables glowing.
Just beautiful.

And we can't forget all the little shops in Bryant Park.
So fun to walk around looking at all the artistic ideas and things. 

I treated myself to this beautiful snowflake necklace.
It will be a sweet reminder of this blessed day.

I didn't take these last two photos but I thought they showed a great view of
Bryant Park NYC at Christmas

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  1. I've never been to NYC yet but I think Christmas time would be the neatest time to go! Thanks for sharing all your pretty pictures! Anyone of them could be the cover for a neat Christmas card!

    Blessing to you this Christmas!