Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fun weekend

Up early for laundry but then off to Brooklyn NY for breakfast.
Yes you heard it correctly,  My hubby thinks it's never too far
to eat a good meal.  They have great food and they are known
for their cheese cakes.

Then we headed to Sahadi's for some shopping.
It is a great little market type store also in
Brooklyn that has all kinds of Middle Eastern

I was so excited to find unsalted sunflower seeds.
I hear they help lower blood pressure and remove
stomach fat.  I can never find them unsalted but
they had them.

I am going to put them on my salad at night
in place of the fattening, salty croutons.

Hubby got his favorite pita bread and I picked up some
stuffed grape leaves. Prices are reasonable also.

Then I had a hair cut.  
What is it about having your hair cut
that you feel so wonderful afterwards?

We headed to the mall and ran into a
great sale at Boscov's

Got an adorable pair of flats with bows.
I'm all about the bows ! hah

I also used my Christmas gift at
Barnes & Noble -

 I've been wanting
to read this book - I hear such great
things about it:

Had some left over money on my gift card
so treated hubby to a book he wanted:

Then we had a great buy one entree and
get one free for Outback so it was
an Outback sort of night.

Today we went to church, I was
the principal today.

After church we were invited
to my mother-in-laws church
for a Clarinet Concert.

Wow this young man could really play.

After the concert we had a $10.00 coupon
for Charlie Brown's.  The one by our
house closed but there is still one
by our church.  So we headed there
for dinner.

We had a busy and blessed weekend.

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  1. My goodness! That is a busy weekend! It sounds like it was fun though :)