Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friend Visit and Ikea

Our dear family friend Karine is visiting this week.
She is staying with my Aunt Rose and today I got
to spend the day with them.

We headed off to Ikea. 
What a neat store.
We walked my legs off.

First thing on our agenda was breakfast - of course.

Do you believe this is what you get for .99 cents?

I have to drink decaff and sometimes you just can't get a decent cup.
WOW their decaff was so good. Really enjoyed that cup.

I'm watching my salt intake so I had to pass on the
potatoes and bacon.  I had the spinach crepe. 
They were really delicious.

We had a blast going from room to room checking out each detail.

Oh my word I could take these room right home.

Hubby and I purchased our bed from Ikea because my apartment is
small and when we got married and hubby moved in we turned my
bedroom into a large closet.  So we sleep in the living room.
 The Ikea bed is great.

This is the exact one we have. It really is comfortable as a bed.
And makes a cute sofa.

My Aunt and friend Karine just had to purchase the
 Ikea famous Swedish Meatballs. Who can blame them.

YUM I bet they will be good.  I was afraid they'd have to much salt for me.

But don't feel to bad as this is what I came home with.
Dear Karine treated me too!

Yes the one right in front. Swedish Dark Chocolate bar.
I understand Dark Chocolate lowers blood pressure and is good for you.
 I'll have a square a day ; ) 
Yes oh yes, I'll sacrifice for lower BP. hah

I also purchased this pretty hand blown glass vase.
It looks so pretty with my Mother's Day flowers from hubby.
I  purchased this neat laptop desk.
It is a pretty green and matches my pink & green office -
love when that happens ; )
How pretty is the pillow?  I love it.
Hubby has an old stool and I thought it would
look perfect on top.

Don't feel bad for hubby -
he got a present also
a nice red trash basket for his office.

How great are these hangers? 
Picked up those also.

Karine has been a friend of our families for years and years.
She lives in PA now so we don't get to see her as much.

She gave me a very special gift one Christmas.
It was a Wedding Ring Quilt.
Looks very much like this one I found on google.

You see what made this gift special was I was a single women at the time.
And struggling some with my singleness and nothing on the horizon.
Karine gave me a card with my quilt that said,  "A King size Quilt for the
King size man you will share you life with one day"  At the time she
gave it to me I could not have imagined finding any man let alone a
King sized one. hah  But boy did it give me hope, joy and encouragement.

Now that I am married the quilt gives me even more joy.

I look over at my "king size" man all 150 pounds of him hah and smile.
At the kindness and encouragement of friends and the faithfulness of God.

Tonight hubs and I went to dinner at Bertucci's.
We love their food.

Hubby enjoys the pizza for one.
It has ham, sausage, meatballs and chicken.

I love, love their chicken Marsala with
sauteed spinach.  Oh NO, they changed the menu.
It comes with red skin potatoes and green beans.
They were delicious but I miss my sauteed spinach ; (

Thankful for another wonderful day.
Good family, good friends and good food.

John 15:13 NIV
Greater Love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

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  1. I love ikea! You found some great things. Love that vase!