Sunday, January 20, 2013

Movie Ministry at Church

Today was our Movie Ministry at church.
Today's movie was The Encounter

Great movie !

Bruce Marchiano plays Jesus.
I love his portrayal of Jesus.
He makes Him so gentle and kind.
But not odd and ghost like.

After the movie we went to our local diner
New Monmouth Diner in Middletown

This is Manny Konistantinidis he is the owner.
He is such a nice man. They have great food.
Huge portions for reasonable prices.

I had volcano chicken. Oh my goodness so good.
It was grilled chicken, roasted red peppers,
mushrooms over garlic mashed potatoes with
crunchy onion rings on the top.

Then tonight Downton Abbey ! 

What a great day !


Abundant Blessings,

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