Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1 ~ 2014

I am blessed to say 2014 seems to be
starting like 2013 with being on the GO!

My hubby doesn't stop hah

He found discount tickets for an off
Broadway production of Scrooge.
It was so great !  I enjoyed it so much.
I cried ~ I always cry at Scrooge
There is just something about his
hard heart melting and becoming
kind and generous that really touches me.

We arrived in NYC early because we never know how
long it will take to locate a parking space.  Sometimes we
drive up and down the streets for an hour to snag one.
Today we found one almost immediately in front of the
theater ~ God is so good to us.
Since we were there so early we decided to head down
to the "tree' again.  It wasn't crowded in NYC so we
were able to see some of the Christmas "things"
much closer then before Christmas.
Times Square where the ball drops.
Walking around through the left over
confetti was something else.
Skating fun

I am going to miss the pretty lights on the trees.

Walking from Rockefeller Center to the Theater we
stumbled upon Guy Fieri's Times Square Restaurant
Guy's American Kitchen and Bar

The food critics were not very good to Guy.
But let me tell you this was the best roasted chicken
I have ever eaten. 

Hubby enjoyed his BBQ's pulled pork also

We did a little shopping also.
Picked up this cute bag at Metropolitan
Museum of Art store. I am going to use it as
my lunch bag.

How cute are these gloves I found at a little kiosk.
I love them ; )

2014 we are ready for ya !

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