Saturday, April 5, 2014

I "HEART" Christian Events !

Last weekend we saw:
God Is Not Dead
Great movie.
I enjoyed seeing Kathie Lee Gifford's daughter Cassidy
in her acting debut.  She did a great job. Adorable girl.

This weekend I went to this conference.
It was wonderful !  This church is about an hour 15 minutes
from my home. So I was able to leave work 1/2 hour early
and I figured it I picked up my Aunt and flew up the Parkway
I could make it by 6:45.  Well it was pouring rain and I
didn't plan on the traffic that would cause. My goodness it
was bumper to bumper the entire ride. I was watching the
clock tick tick ticking away.  But by pure Grace of God and
a near miracle we pulled into the parking lot at 7 pm on the
dot.   We rain through the pouring rain and met my friend,
grabbed a seat and the first note of the first worship song
started.  God is so Good.  I could not believe we made it.
TOTALLY a God thing.  No way with that traffic would I
have ever believed we would make it. 


I get an email devotion from these ladies and it was
so nice to see them in person.
They were honest, real and wonderful.
The Hawthorne Gospel church is so beautiful.
I had never been to this church before.

Here is a photo I found on face book.
We are on the bottom right 2nd to last row.
Auntie in Green, Me in Pink and my friend Simone next to me.

Here are a few things that were said that really moved me:
When you desire God as much as you desire air you'll find Him.
Our "dirt" makes us desperate for God - don't despise it.
Failure is not final. It is a beginning.
You can't change your action without changing your mind.
(Bible tells us to renew your mind)
God uses our past to develop me not to define me.
God calls us beyond our ability
God used just any old bush

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